BDC-8-1980 Clarification, “The written word and not the intent be used to interpret the Constitution and By-laws items.”


1984 Definition:            The NFAA Directors asked the Council to define residence and the following is the definition that they agreed upon.  “Resident, as applies to NFAA Membership, shall be declared by individual applying for membership in the NFAA.”


1999:  Additions or Amendments to the Policy Section

All additions or amendments to the POLICY SECTION will require a SIMPLE MAJORITY WEIGHTED VOTE.


2000: The NFAA will provide liability coverage for all Officers, Councilmen, Directors and/or their designees; for any action while acting in their capacity for NFAA.


2000: The NFAA recognizes the rights of other organizations and recommends that our members learn the rules and regulations for the organization that they intend to shoot in.


2001:  When changes are made to the NFAA Constitution and By-Laws, a black vertical line will be placed in the column adjacent to the item being added, revised or deleted.  The line will be placed in the Constitution and By-Laws for one edition.


2005:  Uniform Line Judging and Shooting Rules

1.    During competition for cash purses at NFAA or other WAF tournaments, there will be two or more line judges present during scoring of the final shoot off.

2.    At the time a shooter completes his application to compete, they will be given a printed list of rules regarding shooting and scoring of arrows.  Prior to the shooting event, a line judge will go over the rules applicable to the shoot.

3.    All NFAA rules will apply to all shoots.


2006:  Accounting for National Tournaments.  Every National Tournament will have a detailed financial accounting for each tournament; i.e., expense costs, profit items (including registration), sale of items, and vendor expense costs and profit.  This information will be sent to each Councilman and Director within 30 to 90 days after the tournament ends.


2006:  At National and Sectional Outdoor Tournaments, spectators may be allowed with a shooting group at the pleasure and permission of the entire group.


2006:  It should be understood that effective 2006, it will be the NFAA’s policy that at any NFAA hosted Championship Tournament, NFAA rules and only NFAA rules and styles will be recognized.  This means no separate score cards or targets for other countries or organizations, or scoring methods will be allowed or recognized.


2012:  Archery Magazine.  On the renewal notice, ask the members if they would prefer to receive an e-mail notification that a new copy of the Archery magazine is available on the NFAA website as opposed to receiving a printed copy.  If they answer “yes”, they must provide an e-mail address.


2013:  The President is authorized, in consultation with the Council, to appoint representatives to participate with representatives of USA Archery and Easton Foundation on an exploratory committee to propose an integrated umbrella organization for the marketing, management and development of archery in the United States.


RIC 2020-1.  RIC is upheld.

During an Indoor tournament in December of 2019, the Illinois NFAA Director was

approached by a competitor who asked the following question: “Since the NFAA Board

of Directors passed Agenda Item IL-3 at the July 29, 2019 NFAA Board of Directors

Meeting that prohibited “Arrow Twirling”, what is the definition of an “Arrow Twirl?”

NFAA By-Laws, Page 30, Article II (NFAA Shooting Styles and Equipment Rules),

Section A, Paragraph 11: “No arrow twirling or handling of arrows in an unsafe way.

Every attempt should be made by the archer to keep arrow pointed toward the ground

or target at all times. A warning will be given on the first instance. Second instance will

require removal of archer from the event”.

The NFAA Director from Illinois stated, “Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary,

(Newest Edition, 2016)” defines “Twirling” as “to revolve rapidly, to cause to rotate

rapidly”. For example, “to twirl a baton”. The Illinois NFAA Director ruled that the

definition of “Arrow Twirling” is as follows: “The spinning or rotation of an arrow, greater

than 360 degrees, from the time the arrow is in the competitor’s quiver until the time

the arrow is nocked on the bowstring”.


The RIC Committee reviewed the decision by the Illinois NFAA Director, the applicable

NFAA Equipment Rules as stated in the 2019 NFAA Constitution & By-Laws (Effective

November 1, 2019) and prior RIC Rulings.

The RIC Committee respectfully agrees with the decision of the Illinois Director.


2023: Transgender Policy:  

 The NFAA Board of Directors voted on November 23, 2022 to approve the following Transgender Policy.  The effective date for this policy will be February 1, 2023.

 Eligibility to compete in gender-divided competitions. 

 Gender Assigned At Birth. 

 In NFAA sanctioned gender-divided competitions, athletes shall only be eligible to compete in the gender division corresponding with the gender of the athlete appearing upon the athlete’s original birth certificate issued by the legal jurisdiction of his or her birth. As a condition of participation in competition, the NFAA may request (and upon request the athlete shall provide) a certified copy of the athlete’s original birth certificate reflecting the gender assigned to the athlete at the original date of issuance. The NFAA shall not accept any subsequently issued birth certificate reflecting a gender other than that assigned by such legal jurisdiction at the original date of issuance unless the subsequent amended birth certificate issuance was merely to correct a clerical error supported by a sworn affidavit admitting to the clerical error signed by an authorized individual on behalf the issuing jurisdictional authority.

 Procedures for proof of gender
 At any NFAA sanctioned competition, the NFAA may request (and upon request the athlete shall provide within fourteen (14) business days) a certified copy of the athlete’s birth certificate reflecting the gender originally assigned to the athlete at the time of the athlete’s birth.  If the athlete was born in the United Stated, the certified copy must be issued by the State in which he or she was born.  If the athlete was born in a nation other than the United States, the certified copy must be issued by that nation’s official issuer of birth records. If the athlete in question is enrolled in competition set to begin before the NFAA requests proof of birth certificate the fourteen (14) day deadline has started the athlete shall be permitted to compete (and if the competition is set to complete before the fourteen (14) day deadline has run, the athlete shall be allowed to finish) in the gender division in which he or she registered. However, the athlete’s failure to timely provide the certified birth certificate reflecting that the athlete’s gender upon birth that corresponds with the athlete’s gender of competition as required herein shall result in the athlete’s score being eliminated and forfeiture of all registration fees, competition placement, and all awards.

2023: In the event that the wrong target or the wrong round is shot during an NFAA sanctioned tournament, the round or target being used will stand as it is shot. No records will be set.

2023: A Judge Certification Program shall be established and approved by the Council with an annual review of the program content and details as needed.

2023: For all national and sectional tournaments where Guardian Angels are used to accompany Cub groups, the NFAA Council shall determine the process for screening individuals to serve as Guardian Angels and the number of required pre-screened individuals required to be onsite for each tournament. The requirements shall be outlined in the national and sectional contracts.


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