Preamble Preamble

Article I Name

Article II Purpose

Article III Membership

Article IV Membership Voting

Article V Duties of Officers and the Executive Secretary

Article VI Board of Directors

Article VII NFAA Council

Article VIII Conflict of Interest

Article IX Committees

Article X-XI Official Publication & Editorial Board

Article XII Fee and Dues

Article XIII Funds and Finance

Article XIV-XV Fiscal Year & Alterations and Amendments to the Constitution

By Laws

Article I General Rules for Field Archery Games

Article II NFAA Shooting Styles and Equipment Rules

Article III Divisions of Competition

Article IV Tournaments

Article V NFAA Handicap

Article VI Official NFAA Rounds Part I

Article VI Official NFAA Rounds Part II

Article VII NFAA Indoor League Program

Article VIII NFAA Outdoor League Program

Article IX Rules Governing the 20 and 15 Pin Awards

Article X 500 Club and/or Perfect Club

Article XI NFAA Service Pins

Article XII Art Young Awards

Article XIII Rules for Compton Medal of Honor

Article XIV NFAA Presidents Award

Article XV Rules Governing the Award of the Medal of Merit

Article XVI Order of the Bone

Article XVII Fellowship of Robinhood

ARTICLE XVIII Club/Shop Charter And Course Approval

Article XIX NFAA Hall of Fame

Article XX Amendments & Addendum

NFAA Policy Section

General Policy

NFAA Outdoor Field


Age Divisions

World Team

Certified Instructor Program

RIC Rulings

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