Article XV

A.        The NFAA Medal of Merit shall be bestowed sparingly in recognition of unselfish contributions to field archery and its closely allied activities. The inscription, “Opera, Artes, Honor” (Works, Skills, Honor) which appears on the medal, shall serve as the measure.

B.         Worthy members of the NFAA may be nominated for the Medal of Merit by any one of the following methods:

1.         On behalf of the member’s State Association; with endorsements by both the Association’s NFAA Director and a majority of the Association’s legislative or governing body (e.g. Board of directors).

2.         On behalf of the member’s Section; by the Section Councilman or any NFAA Director in that Section, and with endorsement by a majority of the Section Directors.

3.         On behalf of the NFAA Council; by any member of the Council or any Special committee Chairman.

All nominations shall be treated with confidentiality and discretion; and in no case shall the nominee or nominee’s kin be privy to the nomination or approval process.  The nomination, accompanied by the appropriate qualifications and rationale, shall be submitted to the NFAA Executive Secretary in a timely manner.  An individual may be awarded only one Medal of Merit for all time.

C.         After verifying that the nomination meets the criteria of Section B, the NFAA Executive Secretary shall distribute the nomination information and ballot to the NFAA Council, which, after discussion and investigation, shall vote aye or nay, in physical meeting, telephone conference, or by mail. Once a two-thirds majority aye vote is attained, the Executive Secretary shall then have the medal engraved and forwarded to the sponsoring organization for presentation.

D.        The NFAA Executive Secretary shall be the custodian of the dies for the medal, lapel pin and the archives of the award. The initial cost of design, striking and engraving shall be paid out of the treasury of the NFAA. 

E.         The name of the sponsoring organization making the award shall be engraved on the medal.

F.         A copy of these regulations shall appear in each issue of the NFAA Constitution and By-laws book.

G.        A plaque listing all NFAA Medal of Merit recipients will be maintained and displayed at NFAA Headquarters.

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