The NFAA offers two different types of programs, from general archery programs to more specialized bowhunter programs.


Archery Programs

Local Leagues

Participate in leagues at your local range, meet new people, and have fun shooting your bow! The NFAA offers a complete league program to help local archery clubs start indoor and outdoor leagues with templated scorecards, targets, awards, a handicapping system, and other supplies ready for use. NFAA Clubs and Shops can take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra funds by starting their own local league and tying it to the NFAA National League.

National Leagues

Compete against archers from around the country from your own hometown range! Shoot your scores anywhere or at any NFAA tournament. Ranges are NOT required to be affiliated with the NFAA, but host NFAA Clubs and Shops with certified NFAA ranges are eligible for cash rebates through the NFAA. League Champions in each division are awarded with the prestigious NFAA National League Champion belt buckle. An added bonus? Recognize your outstanding scores by showing off the Scoring Achievement Awards you have earned. The award(s) must be purchased through the NFAA Store before the corresponding award application can be completed.

purchase keychain achievement awardsthen complete the application

Bow Box Rentals

The NFAA Foundation offers bow box rentals at a weekly or monthly rate. For more information, visit the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex website or contact us!

NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex websiteor contact us

Club/shop referral program

Earn money for helping to grow archery! Beginning in 2024, NFAA Clubs and Shops are eligible to earn referral funds based on the number of new NFAA members who join the club/shop over the course of a calendar year. NFAA Clubs and Shops are encouraged to recruit through 2024 with the first program funds to be disbursed in 2025.


Judge Certification Program

The NFAA Judge Certification Program is available to educate members on the rules and procedures of NFAA rounds. NFAA members can either become Certified Judges to officiate at the local/state/sectional levels or they can become National Judges to officiate at all NFAA and NFAA Foundation events. All members are welcome to take the online course whether they are simply seeking to learn more about NFAA rounds or if they desire to participate as a judge at NFAA tournaments.

Learn More About the Judge Certification Program

Awards Programs

The NFAA offers a diverse awards program for bowhunters and competitive archers. Awards are available at the national, sectional, state and club level. 

Learn more about awards


Bowhunter Programs

Explore Bowhunting & Explore Bowfishing

These programs are designed to ignite interest in bowhunting and bowfishing at the community level through hands-on experiences. Students participate in a variety of activities designed to increase their knowledge and confidence in interacting with the natural environment. Click the links below to learn more!

Explore Bowhunting Explore Bowfishing

Art Young Awards Program

The Art Young Awards program offers a variety of Big Game and Small Game awards for NFAA members. The purpose of the Program is to promote interest in bowhunting, encourage good sportsmanship, and give recognition to members who obtain game while bowhunting. Members can apply for an Art Young pin and/or patch for each species taken with a bow and arrow.

The award(s) must first be purchased through the NFAA Store before the corresponding award application can be completed. 

Purchase Art Young Awardsthen complete the application

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