Learn more about the formats and rules for all NFAA rounds.

To view rules by round, visit the NFAA Constitution & By-Laws

Official NFAA Rounds Part I - view the following rounds:

  • Field Round
  • Hunter Round
  • Animal Round
  • International Round
  • Indoor Round
  • Flint Bowman Indoor Round

Official NFAA Rounds Part II - view the following rounds:

  • 900 Target Round
  • 810 Target Round
  • 600 Target Round
  • 3D Rounds
  • Lake of the Woods Round

Equipment Rules

NFAA Age Divisions

  • Cub (11 years and under)
  • Youth (12-14 years)
  • Young Adult (15-17 years)
  • Adult (18+ years)
  • Senior (50+ years)
  • Silver Senior (60+ years)
  • Master Senior (70+ years)


To view rules for individual events, visit the National Tournaments page

NFAA National Tournaments:

  • NFAA Indoor Nationals
  • NFAA Marked 3D National Championship
  • BTB & NFAA 1-Arrow 3D National Championship
  • NFAA Field Nationals
  • NFAA Outdoor Target Nationals

NFAA Foundation Events:

NFAA National Leagues

  • NFAA National Indoor League
  • NFAA National Outdoor League

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