Whether you are new to archery or have been shooting a bow for a long time, being part of the National Field Archery Association will help you develop your skills and get to know other people who share your same passion.

The NFAA is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of archery, and is one of the largest field archery organizations in the World. Founded in 1939, the NFAA now consists of a network of 49 chartered state associations, over a thousand affiliated clubs, and thousands of members all over the world.

At the NFAA, there is NO off season. We mean it! We offer events across all archery disciplines including indoor, outdoor target, outdoor field, 3D, and bowhunting. Each year, the NFAA hosts 5 national tournaments, 8 indoor and outdoor sectionals, and a national indoor and outdoor league. The NFAA sanctions more than 100 state-championship level tournaments and offers thousands of club shoots!

Is there a place for me and my equipment in the NFAA? The NFAA is for EVERYONE! The NFAA offers equipment divisions for compound, recurve, traditional, and everything in between and age divisions ranging from Cub (11 year and under) to Master Senior (70 years +). Don't wait! Come join us at our next event!   


Join the largest field archery organization in the world and take advantage of our member benefits.

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Get familiar with NFAA rounds

The fundamentals of a

Learn the basics of an NFAA Vegas Round: 3 arrows per end, 10 ends total, shot 3 at a distance of 20 yards. Simple... but not always easy!

The fundamentals of an

The NFAA Indoor Round features the iconic white and blue 5-spot target and consists of 5 arrows per end, 12 ends total. A staple for target archers.

The fundamentals of a

One of the 3 rounds of field archery with 28 targets shot outdoors at various distances. As some will say: the most prestigious round in all of archery.

The fundamentals of a

Even though you may think the hunter and field round are very similar, this is its own unique game!

The fundamentals of an

This round is closely tied to hunting since archers shoot at realistic-life paper targets at odd distances.

Our History

Learn about the history of The NFAA

Since its inception in 1939, the NFAA has expanded into a network of State associations and clubs that contribute to growing the sport of archery.

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