Get involved in your community! The NFAA and Archery Trade Association have partnered up to offer Explore Bowhunting to NFAA clubs, state affiliates, and more. The program is designed to spark an interest and passion for bowhunting through hands-on experiences. Through the program, students gain confidence interacting with the natural environment and strengthen their appreciation for wildlife and the woods.

What is explore bowhunting?

Explore Bowhunting offers numerous hands-on activities designed to provide a solid foundation for the aspiring bowhunter. Though the program was originally developed for ages 8-17, it’s a great resource for someone of any age to learn more about bowhunting. Students are even able to earn awards by completing various sections of the program to showcase their achievements. Preview multiple sample activities in the Resources section on the right side of this page. 

explore bowhunting awards program

The Explore Bowhunting awards program was created to reward students for taking the steps required to complete each section of the program. The award charms are specially designed for bowhunters and are made of leather material. Students can showcase their achievement on their quiver, backpack, keyring, and more. To be eligible for each charm, students are required to complete one summary activity and a total of 1-2 optional activities. The optional activities can be chosen by the instructor based on the students' interests and goals. 

Awards Program Description

Who can offer Explore bowhunting?

The program is perfect for a variety of organizations:

  • NFAA clubs & shops
  • NFAA state affiliates
  • City & county recreation programs
  • Schools (both in school and after school programs)
  • Nature & outdoor education centers
  • Community-based programs (e.g., Scouts, 4H, summer camps)
  • Outdoor events & festivals
  • Outdoor retailers, and more!


how can you get involved?

join: aspiring bowhunters

Reach out to your local NFAA club or any of the other above-listed organizations to inquire about the program offering in your community. 

Host: NFAA Clubs & other organizations

Great news! There is no previous bowhunting experience necessary to host Explore Bowhunting in your community. The program materials simplify bowhunting so that anyone can teach and learn the skills. 

take the online instructor workshop!

A specially-designed online workshop teaches instructors how to effectively present the material and provides numerous additional resources to help them get the most out of the program. This online workshop is included with the purchase of an Explore Bowhunting Curriculum Book. 


What materials do I need?

You do not need specialized equipment to run an Explore Bowhunting program. You may already have many of the items needed to run each activity, and others are easy to find. There is a “What You Need” section at the beginning of each activity description in the Curriculum Book which lists equipment and materials to use for the activity.

Not sure which program materials you need? Below is a brief description of the various program materials available for purchase.

Curriculum Book

The Curriculum Book is required to run the program. It describes all of the program activities and provides an in depth guide to implementing the activities and the overall program. The online instructor workshop is included with the purchase of a Curriculum Book.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is designed to be used by each student during class and afterwards for future reference and use for self-learning.  

Media Packet

The Media Packet contains the Turkey Call Audio CD, videos, and a Data CD. The Data CD has pictures, maps, and presentations that accompany activities throughout the curriculum. 

Anatomy Flipchart

The Anatomy Flipchart features illustrated pictures of several common game species targeted while bowhunting, and even includes peel-away layers of their anatomy. The Anatomy Flipchart also has peel-away layers for white-tailed deer, bear, turkey, hog, and rabbit.

Equipment Booklet

The Equipment Booklet has definitions and examples of bowhunting and bowfishing equipment and accessories, as well as a brief description of their uses.


Email NFAA Outreach Project Manager, Erika Jones for more information:

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