Earn money for helping to grow archery! Beginning in 2024, NFAA Clubs and Shops are eligible to earn referral funds based on the number of new NFAA members who join the club/shop over the course of a calendar year. NFAA Clubs and Shops are encouraged to recruit through 2024 with the first program funds to be disbursed in 2025.

referral funds

Referral funds are calculated based on the new NFAA member’s membership type:

  • $10 for each HOH or Adult membership
  • $5 for each Junior membership
  • $2.50 for each additional member on a family membership

The recruiting period for NFAA clubs/shops is considered to be January 1 through December 31. Any club/shop that recruits 20 or more new NFAA members the recruiting period will also be eligible to have their NFAA charter/license fee waived for the upcoming year. 

Who is considered a new nfaa member?

For the purpose of referral funds, a “new NFAA member” is defined as an individual who has not previously held a NFAA membership or who has had a lapse in NFAA membership of three (3) or more consecutive years.

how does a club/shop qualify?

To be eligible for referral funds, all of the following must be true:

  1. The new NFAA member must designate the club/shop as their primary club on the NFAA membership application.
  2. The club/shop must have been an NFAA affiliate in good standing for the duration of the recruiting calendar year. A short grace period (30 days or less) is granted for a lapse in charter/license. This does not apply for newly-affiliated clubs/shops that joined the NFAA for the first time in the recruiting calendar year.
  3. A representative of the club/shop must submit the Referral Application no later than January 31 of the year following the recruiting period. The Referral Application includes the club/shop name and NFAA license/charter number, full names and NFAA membership numbers of new NFAA members whom the club/shop has recruited, and a short description of the way(s) in which the referral funds will be allocated.

how do i receive the referral funds?

Referral funds will be mailed to the primary mailing address on file for the club/shop upon the review and verification of the Referral Application.

COmplete the referral application

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