Article XIII

A.        The NFAA Medal of Honor shall be known as the Compton Medal of Honor, and it shall be bestowed sparingly and only in recognition of outstanding and unselfish contributions to archery in any of its phases.

B.         To the end that the Compton Medal of Honor shall for all time retain its place as the most highly esteemed award in all archery, the safeguarding of its future will be entrusted to a committee of three NFAA members who must have been members for ten years and one former Compton Medal of Honor recipient selected by the President. The members will be appointed to three-year terms on a rotation basis, with one new member being appointed each year.

C.         The Medal of Honor committee shall be free of all restrictions as to their choice of recipients except:

1.         That the Compton Medal of Honor shall not be bestowed upon any elected officers of the association during his tenure of office, and:

2.         That their deliberations will be held in strict confidence which shall not be violated.

D.        The President of NFAA shall be the honorary chairman of the committee, with the following duties and authority:

1.         He shall appoint from among the committee members an acting chairman to serve in that capacity for one year, thus providing for rotation of the acting chairmanship.

2.         He shall have the sole authority to decide for, or against, such candidate only as may be reported to him by the acting chairman as having a majority, though less than unanimous support of the members of the committee.

3.         He shall accept a unanimous recommendation by the committee as mandatory upon him to order the bestowal of the Compton Medal of Honor.

4.         He shall prepare, or have prepared, a citation in accordance with the committee’s unanimous choice, or with his affirmation of the committee’s majority recommendations, as the case may be.

E.         In conjunction with receiving the Compton Medal of Honor and lapel pin, the recipient will automatically be awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership.

F.         The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for the custody of the dies for the Compton Medal of Honor and lapel pin and shall pay out of the treasury the costs of the striking and engraving of such replicas of the medal and pin when directed by the President.

G.        A copy of these regulations shall appear in each issue of the NFAA Constitution and By-laws booklet.

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