2013:  Selection of World Team

1.     The President will appoint an individual to selection and manage NFAA archers attending IFAA World Championships.  NFAA’s Style team will be composed of archers registered for the shoot.  Previous NFAA Champions will be given priority if they are tied with other archers registered.

2.     Young Adults, Adults and Veterans both male and female are eligible to be on the team.

3.     Professional, Senior, Junior and Cub archers are not eligible.

4.     Archers must be registered for the event to be considered for the team.

5.     All NFAA archers registered for the IFAA World Field Archery Championships will send their contact information (email and cell phone) and current scores (Field, Hunter, Animal) and where they shot them (National, Sectional and NAFAC scores are preferred) to the NFAA Executive Secretary who will forward it to the Team Captain.  This will allow for selecting the best team and communication amongst the team.

6.     Styles that are not competed at NFAA(currently) Bowhunter Freestyle Limited and Competitive Bowhunter can qualify at the previous years North American Field Archery Championships (NAFAC).

7.     The IFAA shooting styles are now divided into four groups, each with their own shooting styles grouped together allowing for a team with a maximum of nine archers and a minimum of four archers.  

Group 1 = Freestyle & Freestyle Bowhunter

Group 2 = Freestyle Limited or Freestyle Limited Recurve and Freestyle Bowhunter Limited

Group 3 = Barebow Compound or Barebow Recurve and Competitive Bowhunter and Traditional

Group 4 = Longbow  

Groups Styles
Group 1: Unlimited Styles FU, BU
Group 2: Limited Styles FSC, FSR; BL
Group 3: Non-Sight Styles BBR, BBC; BHR, BHC; TR
Group 4: Traditional Styles LB; HB; TR


The TR shooting style may be entered in Group 4 in the event that no HB or LB style can be entered. In that case no TR shall be entered in Group 3. 

Exec Note: The TR style cannot be entered in Group 3 as well as Group 4. 

The TR shall not be entered in Group 4 to replace a “weaker” archer in HB or LB.

8. .Points for the team are scored by how close you are shooting towards the IFAA World Record with the team getting the highest points from each group. Daily points are calculated from the daily score, expressed as a percentage of the world record, as it stands at the start of the tournament, of each individual division in each shooting style. E.g. if the world record in a style is 500 and the archer in the same style shoots 468, the day score of that archer will be 468/500x100= 93.60 points.  The maximum points each day is limited to 100 points.

9.  A predetermined set amount, set by the Council, will be paid to each member to help with expenses.

10.  The World Team shall be submitted to the President, Vice President, and the Executive Secretary for final approval.

11.  The team shall be supplied with Team Shirts to be worn during the opening ceremonies and while receiving awards.

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