1988:  Suggestions for Laying out a Permanent Bowhunter 3-D Range:

1.         Lay out your range so that you have a minimum of 10 to 30 yards more than the shortest distance you would want to shoot.  Put a permanent stake where your target will be placed.  This will allow you to vary between tournaments or rounds and still stay within the safety requirements of the NFAA.

2.         Check the above safety requirements from the longest shooting position possible.  This will assure our staying within the requirements at any distance.

3.         By using either the interrupted linear or the interrupted continuous layouts, you can see the amount of shooting positions which are possible.  Because of the construction of these ranges, shots can be made from many angles to the target, from the trail and up to the target.  In the continuous direction range, must be strictly adhered to.


1996:  Combination 3-D Animal and Field or Hunter Round

1.         STANDARD UNIT:

This round is to be shot on existing 14 unit field, hunter & animal ranges.  It will consist of 7 marked 5/3 or 5/4/3 field or hunter targets and 7 3-D unmarked distance animal targets.

2.         Targets:

The targets will be put out on the existing range in the following manner; it makes no difference in what distance sequence the range is laid out.  The first target will have either a field or hunter face.  This will be at the discretion of the tournament chairman.  The second target will have a 3-D animal target.  The animal target will be set in a direct line at an unmarked distance somewhere between the furthermost animal stake and the existing target butt.  The target is to be set in this direct line for safety purposes.  Target number three will again be either a field or hunter target.  Target number four will be another 3-D animal set as described above for number two.  This rotation sequence between field or hunter and 3-D animal targets will carry out through the 14 target unit, or 28 target unit, however the range is laid out.

3.         Scoring:

3.1       When shooting either the field or hunter targets, you will shoot four arrows from the stakes that you would normally shoot that particular target from.  Scoring each arrow either a 5/3 or 5/4/3/ just as you would in a field or hunter round.

3.2       When shooting the 3-D animal targets, you will shoot two arrows from the furthermost animal stake.  You will score both arrows.  Scoring will be 10 for a kill and 8 for a wound.

3.3       In using the above scoring system it will be possible to shoot a perfect score of 280, which is comparable to the scoring system for our three existing 14 target units.


1999:  3-D National Tournaments

At all NFAA 3-D National Tournaments, the Bowhunting committee will have a representative present along with a booth for the promotion of the NFAA Bowhunting programs.


1999:  3-D Targets

Disposing of 3-D targets shall be at the discretion of the President.  3-D targets in excess of contractual requirements will be sold for cost plus a minimum of $10.00 each.

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