Article IX

A.        Legal:

Shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary and one attorney licensed to practice. The duties shall be to consider any proposed changes in the Constitution and By-laws of the NFAA and investigate and report on all legal and business affairs of the NFAA. They shall report their findings and recommendations to the NFAA Council and Board of Directors.

B.         Rules Interpretation:

Shall consist of three (3) NFAA Council members who shall be appointed by the President. Actions of this committee shall pertain to interpretations of  existing rules and regulations as printed in the Constitution, and By-laws of the NFAA. Requests for interpretation will be considered by this committee from the following two sources:

1.         Interpretations already ruled upon by the Director for his/her home state.

1.1       After a ruling is made by a Director, it is to be sent immediately to the Rules Interpretation Committee Chairman.

1.2       The RIC chairman, within five days, will submit the interpretation to the other two members of the committee.

1.3       RIC committee members are to reply within ten days of receipt of a Director’s interpretation from the RIC chairman.

1.4       Upon receipt of the opinions of the two committee members, the RIC chairman is to summarize and prepare for distribution the RIC ruling. This ruling is to be to the Executive Secretary within five days after receipt of the last opinion of an RIC committee member. Copies of the ruling are also to be mailed to the RIC committee members and to the Director who submitted the original interpretation.

1.5       Failure to adhere to the above time frame by any member of the RIC will constitute cause for dismissal by the President of NFAA, and the reappointment of a new committee member for the balance of the year.

2.         Interpretations asked for by manufacturers of new archery equipment. 

NEW EQUIPMENT: In the absence of a Director’s ruling, the RIC shall be empowered to make rulings of new equipment. The ruling made will concern itself with the new equipment only if it is considered to be illegal as the NFAA rules apply at that time.

RULINGS: Decisions rendered shall be final in all matters for which an interpretation is requested. All rulings of the Rules Interpretation Committee shall be sent to each member of the Board of Directors within twenty (20) days and also published in the official publication. If a ruling by the Rules Interpretation Committee is not adopted and placed into the contents of the NFAA Constitution and By-laws at the following Board meeting the ruling will automatically become null and void.  The Board of Directors will determine the proper placement of upheld rules interpretations into the Constitution, By-Laws or Policy.

C.         Bowhunting and Conservation:

The three Chairmen of the NFAA Bowhunting and Conservation Committee, appointed by the President, shall consist of (1) Administrative, (2) Marketing, and (3) Celebrity.  Each is responsible for the specific duties as described by their title.

1.         Hunting activities:

1.1       Establish proper contact with conservation authorities.

1.2       Disseminate to all states information concerning bowhunting legislative action taken or pending.

1.3       Provide information on how to initiate bowhunting programs directed to the general public in the interest of better understanding.

1.4       Initiate and provide educational bowhunting programs directed to the general public in the interest of better understanding.

1.5       Initiate and provide an education training program for better bowhunting skill and practices.

1.6       Provide for a bowhunting safety program.

1.7       Initiate and provide for competitive and non-competitive games to stimulate actual bowhunting conditions.

1.8       Review and study NFAA Big and Small Game hunting programs and prepare resolutions recommending rules governing the conditions for receiving such awards.

2.         Adequate funds for the entire bowhunting program and secretarial help to carry out same will be provided for in the annual budget of the NFAA.

3.         The Chairmen of the NFAA Bowhunting and Conservation Committee will provide for the smooth continuation and perpetuation of the committee contacts and knowledge gained during terms of office.

4.         The Administrative Chairman of the NFAA Bowhunting and Conservation Committee is to attend the bi-annual meeting with his/her expenses reimbursed the same as a NFAA Councilman.

5.         The Administrative Chairman of the NFAA Bowhunting and Conservation Committee shall appoint an NFAA Bowhunting Committeeman for each of the eight sections specified in Article VII. Duties of Sectional Bowhunting Committeemen:

5.1       Shall coordinate all NFAA Bowhunting activities and policies within their sections.

5.2       Shall be responsible for NFAA Bowhunter Jamboree conducted within their section.

6.         Each state shall have a bowhunting director, appointed by the Bowhunting and Conservation Committee.

7.         There shall be a National Bowhunter Jamboree held annually with the details decided by the Bowhunting and Conservation Committee.  The event, whenever possible, shall be held in conjunction with the National Unmarked 3-D Championship.  NFAA Regular or Bowhunter membership will be required.

D.        NFAA Public Relations:

1.         Chairman:

1.1       Shall be the Vice-President.

1.2       Shall serve as chairman of the Archery Promotional Committee.

1.3       Shall coordinate all NFAA promotion activities, selecting his/her own committee.

2.         Duties:

2.1       Develop promotional material in the form of flyers, pamphlets, decals and other items, which will promote archery from the club to the national level.

2.2       Develop guidelines to take advantage of free community services such as newspaper, magazine, radio and TV from the local to national levels.

2.3       Develop guidelines in layout and artwork for use by local clubs to promote their facilities, provide easels and counter display material which has public eye appeal.

2.4       Develop guidelines and programs to improve club and state association management through upgraded meetings, activities and facilities.

2.5       Establish and expand as appropriate an NFAA film library of movies and slides or archers enjoying all phases of NFAA recreational activities and games. Encourage the use of these films and slides at all levels of organized archery and at non-archery related groups, which are not anti-archery oriented.

E.         Compton Medal of Honor:

The Compton Medal of Honor shall for all time retain its place as the most highly esteemed award in all archery. The safeguarding of its future will be entrusted to a committee of three NFAA members, selected by the President, who must have been members for ten years. Whenever possible a former Compton Medal of Honor recipient should be selected. The members will be appointed to 3-year terms on a rotation basis, with one new member being appointed each year.

F.         National Championship Tournaments:

Shall consist of the Tournament Chairman, Local Chairman, Publicity and Public Relations Director, Executive Secretary and President. The Tournament Chairman shall act as Chairman of the Committee, and he/she shall be responsible for the conduct of the tournament and compliance of the host in accordance with the terms of the contract.

G.        Instructor Committee:

The Instructor Committee of the NFAA, who is appointed by the President, is responsible for the entire instructor program which is intended to perpetuate and expand the knowledge and sport of archery.

H.        Other Committees:

The President shall appoint such other committees as needed to carry out the functions of the NFAA, and also such committees as the Board of Directors may direct.

I.          Committee Makeup:  

Any member of the NFAA may serve on more than one committee.

J.          Committee Reports:

The chairmen of all committees shall make their reports in duplicate, sending one copy to the President and one copy to the Executive Secretary at such times as may be designated by the President.

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