Article VII

A.        Composition:

The NFAA Council shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, (see Article VII, Section k, Paragraph 4, for term of Immediate Past President on the NFAA Council) and eight Councilmen. The NFAA Councilmen will be fully empowered to act for the Association on all administrative issues presented before them when the Board of Directors is not in session. The NFAA Councilmen shall be elected from each of the following sections of the United States: the Northwestern, Southwestern, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Western, Great Lakes, Southern and Southeastern.

B.         Sections:

NORTHWEST shall be comprised of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

SOUTHWEST shall be comprised of California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

MID-WEST shall be comprised of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri.

GREAT LAKES shall be comprised of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

NEW ENGLAND shall be comprised of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Europe.

MID-ATLANTIC shall be comprised of West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York.

SOUTHERN shall be comprised of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi.

SOUTHEAST shall be comprised of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

C.         Pay and Expenses:

1.         The members of the NFAA Council shall serve without salary or emolument except the President and the Executive Secretary. Travel expenses to the bi-annual Board of Directors meeting, or called meetings and expenses incidental to the day to day operation are authorized. Expenditures must be ratified by the Board of Directors at the bi-annual meeting.

2.         When the NFAA President must travel to represent the NFAA officially, travel expenses will be paid. Expenses for the NFAA President’s spouse will also be paid.  Expense vouchers should be monitored by the NFAA Council at the annual meeting. If the NFAA president delegates the trip to an elected official, that person’s spouse gets the same benefits (Executive Secretary not included).

3.         Members of the NFAA Council shall be exempt from paying pre-registration portion of fees at National and Sectional tournaments.

D.        Quorum:  

At all meetings of the NFAA Council, seven members shall constitute a quorum including conference calls.

E.         Meetings:  The NFAA Council shall meet in person whenever possible and deemed necessary, at the call of the President.  When the agenda is prepared for the meeting, a Councilman must send a copy of the agenda to his/her respective Section State directors for guidance when voting is necessary at the meeting

F.         NFAA Council Conference Calls:

All actions of the NFAA Council may be decided by conference call with a vote being taken and recorded.

G.        Mail Voting:

All action of the NFAA Council may be decided by mail. The Executive Secretary, at the direction of the President, shall submit any question requiring the action of the NFAA Council to the members of the NFAA Council by mail for their vote. Deliberations shall be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. Mail ballots not returned or postmarked within 30 days will not be counted.

H.        Duties of the NFAA Council:

The Councilman shall be afforded the opportunity of being present at all NFAA activities occurring in his/her section. The NFAA Council shall, within limitations of the Constitution and By-laws and policies set by the Board of Directors, be empowered to act upon such affairs that are incident to the normal day to day business of the NFAA and shall accomplish the following:

1.         Implement and administer programs and policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

2.         By a 2/3 vote appoint an Executive Secretary.

3.         By a 2/3 vote initiate action to dismiss the Executive Secretary.

4.         Ratify the hiring of any or all new office personnel required by headquarters.

5.         Review within 5 days, the monthly financial statement, and take whatever action deemed necessary.

6.         Assure that all officers and employees are fully bonded in an amount and manner adequate to the protection of the NFAA.

7.         Shall name the site and date of all annual NFAA Championship Tournaments.

7.1       The National Indoor Tournament shall be held at one location based on 3 year bids.  

8.         Shall administer all properties held or acquired by NFAA.

9.         Shall rule on day to day business of the NFAA, day to day business, meaning, all matters which come before the NFAA as well as the financial transactions for the NFAA which pertain to the day to day operation. Such decisions shall bind the NFAA but must be reported to the Board of Directors at the earliest opportunity, but no more than 30 days from date of decision.

10.       Establish annually the fees and other sources of revenue required to defray operation expenses, and establish reserve funds required for bi-annual meeting and emergency meetings of the NFAA Council and Board of Directors.

11.       Shall assure an annual audit of the NFAA, or at any time deemed necessary as a result of a review of monthly financial reports.

12.       May initiate items for the agenda of the Board of Directors at the bi-annual meeting.

13.       Shall have the authority to transfer surplus funds of a budgeted line item to a budgeted line item deficit.

14.       Shall make available to the Board of Directors copies of minutes of each council meeting at the earliest possible date, but no later than 30 days after the date of the meeting. All votes by the Council, in Council meetings, shall be by roll call.

15.       The Council will approve all contracts by a 2/3 majority vote.  All contracts must be signed by at least two (2) officers.  Contracts may be renewed at the National Meeting.

I.          Duties of NFAA Councilmen:

1.         Shall coordinate all activities, policies, rules and regulations of the NFAA in their section.

            1.1       Councilpersons are responsible for collecting the scores and fees from their respective Indoor and Outdoor Sectional tournaments, and forwarding same to NFAA Headquarters within fourteen (14) days of the close of said tournaments.

2.         Shall act as chairman of the sectional council composed of NFAA Board of Directors within his/her section.

3.         Shall annually hold a meeting of the NFAA Board of Directors within his/her section, at a time and location convenient to said Directors. Meeting minutes shall be submitted in writing to NFAA Headquarters within 30 days of said meeting.  Said meeting shall require at least a 45 day notice to each Director as to date, time and location.

3.1       Items to be placed on the agenda for the bi-annual meeting of the Board of Directors.

3.2       Compliance of affiliated associations within the section with rules, regulations and policies of the NFAA.

4.         Agenda items originating from Sectional meetings and intended for action at the Board of Directors meeting will be submitted in writing (fax, e-mail or postal mail) to the NFAA Headquarters by September 30th.  Verification of receipt is responsibility of sender.

5.         Shall be responsible for the conduct of all NFAA sectional tournaments held in accordance with games adopted by the NFAA.

6.         May initiate items for the agenda of the Board of Directors at the bi-annual meeting.

7.         Shall appoint, with approval by a majority of the Directors in his/her section, a Deputy Sectional Councilman who shall only perform the duties of the Sectional Councilman in his/her absence, incapacitation or resignation during the unexpired term. The Deputy Sectional Councilman must be a member in good standing of the NFAA, but does not have to be a Director.

8.         All annual sectional meeting material that is developed for the bi-annual meeting agenda and that is intended to change, add to, or delete from the NFAA Constitution and By-laws shall be prepared in resolution form and in the language of the Constitution and By-laws.

J.          Election of Sectional Councilmen:

1.         Sectional NFAA Councilmen shall be elected by a simple majority of the members of the Board of Directors of the Section.

2.         Nominations may be made by any Director within the section.

3.         Election of the Councilman will take place at the annual sectional meeting by the Board of Directors of that section. Nominations will be made by any Director of the section, who will forward a resume of the nominee to each Director in the section a minimum of three weeks prior to the annual sectional meeting, at which time the nominations for Councilman will be closed.  NFAA Headquarters will be notified of the election results along with the minutes of said meeting in accordance with Article VII, Section I, Paragraph 3.

K.        Term of office:

1.         Shall be for a period of two years.

2.         The Councilman shall take office on the first day of the month following election.  When the office is vacant, the Councilman shall take office immediately upon election.

3.         Election of Councilman for the Northwest, New England, Mid-West and Southern sections shall be in even numbered years.  Election of Councilman for the Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Southeast sections shall be in odd numbered years.

4.         The Immediate Past President shall remain an official member of the NFAA Council during the first two years of the term of the President replacing him/her.

L.         Prerequisite of Membership: 

NFAA Councilmen must be members in good standing, but need not have been a NFAA Director.

M.        Removal from office:

NFAA Councilmen may be removed from office for cause by action of the NFAA Directors within his/her section provided the removal is approved by a 2/3 vote. The NFAA Councilman being considered for removal shall have the opportunity for rebuttal against any and all charges leveled against him/her.

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