Article XIX

A.        The NFAA Hall of Fame will honor those individuals who have exhibited by their deeds, leadership and effect on archery in any or all of its forms, that quality that makes them stand out among their peers.

B.         The inductee to the NFAA Hall of Fame must be an NFAA member (except in the case of the Compton Medal of Honor recipients) or have been an NFAA member during the time of the action(s), making him/her a candidate for induction, occurred.

C.         Recipients of the Compton Medal of Honor, NFAA’s highest award, will automatically be inducted into the NFAA Hall of Fame.

D.        Initial Hall of Fame 3 member committee shall be appointed by the President as follows: 1 member to serve for 3 years, 1 member to serve 2 years, and 1 member to serve 1 year.  Thereafter the members will be appointed on a 3-year rotational basis, with 1 new member being appointed each year.  In order to sit on this committee you must have been a member of NFAA for a minimum of 10 years.

E.         Inductees into the NFAA Hall of Fame, other than as stated in Paragraph C above, will be selected as follows:

1.         All nominations for the Hall of Fame must be by a sponsor.

2.         All nominations must contain a detailed resume of the individual.

3.         All nominations will be held in the strictest confidence by the Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

4.         Election into the Hall of Fame will be by a majority of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

5.         All voting shall be by secret ballot.

6.         No results of the voting will be given to anyone outside the Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

7.         The sponsor will be notified that the individual has, or has not been elected.

F.         Pictures and a description of their achievements of all inductees will be displayed at NFAA Headquarters.

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