Article VIII

A.        Terms:

1.         Round – A type of game; Field, Hunter, or International Round.

2.         End – Four arrows in Field or Hunter, three arrows in International round.

3.         Game – The divisions of a round; 14 Field, 14 Hunter, 10 International.

4.         Series – Two games shot in a round.

5.         League – A number of teams competing against another in match play.

6.         Team – The basic unit of a league composed of two or more archers and a permissible limit of alternate members.

7.         League Period – Total number of weeks a league will be in competition.

8.         Scratch Score – An archer’s actual score before it has been adjusted by a handicap.

9.         Average – Use regular outdoor field handicap system.

10.       Absentee Score – A score shot prior to a league match due to an anticipated absence. Absentee scores may not exceed the archer’s average.

11.       Blind Score – A score used for a missing member(s). Blind scores are computed by subtracting five points from the archer’s average score.

12.       Team Average – The combined average of all archers on a team.

13.       Team Points – Points a team earns by game and series wins. In league play a team earns one point for each game won. In addition, one point is awarded the team having the highest series total score.

B.         League Sanction:

1.         Any NFAA chartered organization; club or archery lane may apply for the Outdoor Archery League Program.

2.         League sanction will be granted provided:

2.1       The league sessions will be conducted on an NFAA approved range.

2.2       Official NFAA targets are used in official NFAA rounds.

2.3       A league sanction fee of $5.00 per archer is submitted to NFAA Headquarters.

3.         The NFAA, in granting league sanction, will furnish:

3.1       League Sanction Certificate.

3.2       League Secretary instruction guide.

3.3       League forms including team score sheets, team standing forms, team shooting schedules and individual archer handicap or game record cards.

3.4       Individual progression awards.

C.         League Formation, Officers and Duties:

1.         A temporary chairman should be appointed by the association, club or manager of a commercial archery lane desiring to establish the Indoor Archery League. This chairman will conduct an election of league officers at the initial meeting of league archers. After the election of officers, decisions must be made regarding:

1.1       Number or archers on a team.

1.2       Type of round, NFAA Indoor or Freeman.

1.3       Type of handicap, Team or Individual.

1.4       Substitution rules, Absentee and Blind Scoring.

1.5       Awards, trophies, point money, etc.

1.6       Shooting fees, sanction fees and manner of payment.

2.         Management of the leagues shall be vested in a Board of Directors, composed of team captains chosen by the respective members of their teams, and the elected officers of President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The Board shall decide any disputes or protests occurring between individuals or teams in league play, and shall render final decisions in regard to interpretation of league regulations.

3.         President:

The President shall preside at all meetings and shall act as Range Captain during league sessions. He/she shall have the authority to regulate practice shooting and competition in accordance with official rules and customs, and to maintain safety conditions. He/she will be the final authority in scoring doubtful arrows when requested by a target captain.

4.         Vice-President:

The Vice-President will act in the absence of the President.

5.         Secretary:

The Secretary is responsible for the proper conduct of the league and shall guarantee league functions in the manner as required by the NFAA; shall collect team shooting fees and keep complete records of league finances; shall compile individual and team scores and compute averages and/or handicaps as required; shall post a record of team standing; shall administer the NFAA awards program; shall post team schedules and make lane and target assignments for each session; shall collect and remit sanction fees to the NFAA; and shall perform such other duties as may be requested of him/her by the President or required by the rules governing the league.

D.        League Regulations:

1.         League Sanction: Is provided for a continuous league period. Individual archers or teams may be added after the league has started, provided applicable forms and sanction fees are submitted.

2.         Eligibility: League shooting will be open to all archers. Individual membership requirements may be imposed by the host organization in accordance with regulations of the state association to which it is affiliated.

3.         Targets: The official NFAA Outdoor League target shall be used in all league sessions.

4.         Teams: The number of archers on a team will be decided by the league membership at the initial league meeting. An archer may transfer to another team with approval of both team captains and the Board of Directors.

5.         Late Joining Teams: If necessary, teams may be added. However, in team standing, new teams will be scored as losing all previous series.

6.         Handicap Systems: Regular NFAA outdoor handicap system.

7.         Absent Team Members: Absent Team Members: A certain number of team members must be present to compete. Having fewer than the minimum required will result in forfeiting the series.  The minimum of archers present for four member teams will be two; for three member teams, one; and for two member teams, one.

8.         League Alternates: Several alternate or substitute archer procedures may be employed. The system selected is left to the preference of the league membership. Once the league has adopted a system there must be no variation unless the league Board of Directors has voted a change.

8.1       A list of league alternates may be on file with the league secretary. Any archer so listed will be eligible to fill in vacancies on any team in the league.

8.2       Each team may carry an additional team member as an alternate. In this instance, the alternate may shoot only if vacancies exist on his team.

8.3       A league may elect not to allow any type of alternate rule.

9.         Absentee Score: A league may elect to allow absentee scores in lieu of or in addition to its alternate rule. An absentee score must be witnessed and may not exceed the archer’s average. Points above his average will be dropped.

10.       Blind Scores: A blind score may be used for a missing order. It will be determined by subtracting five points from the archer’s average score. This blind score will be used for each game in the current series. Blind scores should not be used for computing future averages.

11.       Late Arrival: A team member arriving before the second game has started may participate in the balance of the game but their score for the first game will revert to blind score procedure. Arrival after the second game has started will disqualify them and blind score procedure will be used for his series.

12.       Divisions of a League: The league period will be divided into first and second halves. All teams will start the second half with zero wins and losses. Individual averages and/or handicaps will be carried into the second half.

13.       League Championship: A shoot-off, one three-game series, between the winner of the first half and the winner of the second half shall decide the League Championship.

14.       Final Event Ties:  Will be handled the same as ties are broken on outdoor field rounds.

E.         Shooting Rules:

1.         Team Captain: Each team will select a team captain from its members. The team captain shall be responsible for the attendance of the members of their team and for their behavior at all league sessions. They will collect all shooting fees, including those of tardy members, and submit them to the league secretary. They will direct the shooting order of their team, appoint an archer to score and pull the opposing team’s arrows and another to record the scores. They shall check and initial score sheets at the end of each session and submit them to the league secretary.

2.         Target Order: Round will be shot according to outdoor shooting, as per round shot.

3.         Target Captain: Team captains shall each act as a target captain on the opposing team’s shooting lane and score all doubtful arrows. Their decision will be final unless immediately appealed to the Range Captain.

F.         Awards:

1.         Individual Achievement Awards: All archers who shoot in a sanctioned NFAA Outdoor League will be eligible for individual achievement awards as follows:

120 patch                      200 patch                      270 patch

140 patch                      220 patch                      280 patch

160 patch                      240 patch                      Perfect Patch

180 patch                      260 patch

The first three individual achievement awards won by an archer during a league period will be presented by the NFAA free of charge. Additional awards may be won but a charge to cover the cost of the awards will be assumed by the league sponsor or recipient of the award.

2.         A League Championship Pin: Will be presented to each member of a league championship team.

3.         Individual achievement awards are available for presentation to all state association sanctioned outdoor tournaments. A charge to cover the cost of the awards will be assumed by the tournament host.

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