The NFAA Indoor Nationals brings together the top NFAA archers from around the U.S. to shoot the iconic 5-spot, blue and white face.

The tournament, now in its 43rd year, was started in 1980 in Omaha, NE with just 500 attendees. It has called several cities home, including Kansas City, Tulsa, and Louisville.

The 2023 Indoor National will return to the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, March 24-26. 




Adult & Senior Divisions

$115 Early Registration ($165 after 3/13/23 Early Registration Deadline)

Adult (18+ years)
Senior (50+ years)
Silver Senior (60+ years)
Master Senior (70+ years)

Barebow Recurve (Adult & Senior Divisions Only)
Bowhunter Freestyle
Freestyle Limited
Freestyle Limited Recurve
Longbow (Adult Division Only)
Crossbow (Adult Division Only)


Junior Divisions

$90 Early Registration ($140 after 3/13/23 Early Registration Deadline)

Cub (11 & under), Youth (12-14), Young Adult (15-17)
Bowhunter Freestyle
Freestyle Limited Recurve


Professional Divisions

$255 Early Registration ($305 after 3/13/2023 Early Registration Deadline)

Professional (15+), Professional Senior (50+), Professional Silver Senior (60+), Professional Master Senior (70+)

All registrations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be received in writing on or before the early registration deadline. No refunds will be considered on or after the early registration deadline. After the cancellation deadline, no refunds will be issued due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

3:00PM-7:00PM Late Registration/Check-In for Professional Divisions
4:00PM-7:00PM Paid Practice for Professional Divisions

Friday, March 24, 2023

9:00AM-6:00PM Archery Trade Show
9:00AM-6:30PM Late Registration/Check-In
9:00AM-6:30PM Paid Practice/Bow Storage
11:00AM Professional Divisions: Day 1 Scoring
3:00PM-4:30PM Meet & Greet with the Pros (Open to Archers 18 & under)
5:00PM Pro-Am Team Event

Saturday, March 25, 2023

5:30AM-7:00PM Bow Storage
6:00AM-6:30PM Paid Practice (As Space Allows)
7:00AM/11:00AM/3:30PM Junior & Amateur divisions: Day 1 Scoring
8:00AM Professional Division Meeting (Room M101/103)
9:00AM-6:00PM Archery Trade Show
11:00AM Professional Divisions: Day 2 Scoring
3:00PM Opening Ceremonies & 2022 Member of the Year/Club of the Year Presentations
8:00PM Professional Shoot Off 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

5:30AM-5:00PM Bow Storage
6:00AM-TBA Paid Practice (As Space Allows)
8:00AM/12:00PM Junior & Amateur divisions: Day 2 Scoring*
*Sunday assignments will be posted and emailed following the last line on Saturday
9:00AM-4:00PM Archery Trade Show

Award Ceremonies will take place approximately 1 hour after each shooting line concludes.

Louisville Tourism is the official housing provider of the National Field Archery Association. Reservations for the 2023 NFAA Indoor National Championships are open. This process is in place to maximize savings and room availability for attendees and for accurate hotel counts for the NFAA. Click here to BOOK NOW!

If you have any further questions regarding the process, please reach out to the NFAA or the Louisville Tourism Housing Department at 800-743-3100 or email The deadline for blocked rooms is January 27th, 2023!

Click here to view booking details.

The NFAA Indoor National Championships attracts archers from around the world. Attendance is expected to reach 2,000+ archers in 2023. The newly remodeled venue houses the trade show and competition in a single hall. Booth packages start at $950 per 100 square feet and include a standard table with two chairs. Discounts are provided for additional space and multi-show attendance.  


Registration rates will be $115 for Adult and Senior divisions and $90 for Junior divisions. Registrations received after March 13, 2023 will pay a late registration fee of $50. Phone registrations accepted only with credit card payment.


Late registrations will be accepted until Friday, March 24, 2023. Late registration fee will apply.


All registrations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations must be made in writing on or before the location’s early registration deadline. No refunds will be issued after the location’s early registration deadline. Please email all cancellation requests to


All shooters must have proof of NFAA or USA Archery membership at the tournament site. All memberships are subject to verification at any time during the tournament.


Silver Bowls and Medallions will be awarded to Division Champions. Cash prizes will be awarded to Professional divisions.


1.     Two whistle blasts = archers to the line. One whistle blast starts shooting and the clock. Three blasts = retrieve arrows and score. Five or more blasts = Emergency; stop shooting. STOP IMMEDIATELY.

2.     You, the archer, are responsible for your equipment to comply with NFAA rules. It is also your responsibility to confirm you are shooting in the correct style and division. If you are registered in the wrong division or style, this must be corrected prior to shooting your first arrow for score. Archers may only register in ONE division, ONE style, and ONE location and will remain in the same division for the duration of the event. Archers that register in more than one location or division will have the additional registrations disqualified and will forfeit any registration fees paid.

3.     Maximum arrow shaft diameter allowed in NFAA competition will be 0.422 inches, with point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches. The shaft diameter will include any wrap placed on the arrow and will include the size of the nock and the nock insert. If the arrow wrap, nock, or nock adapter exceed 0.422 inches in diameter and are embedded in the scoring area of the target, the arrow shall not be scored and will be reshot.

4.     No archer shall draw a bow in any manner that if accidentally released could fly beyond a safety zone or a safety arrangement over shoot area, backstop, etc. A warning will be given on the first instance. Second instance will require removal of archer from event.

5.     All protests must be in writing and turned in to the Tournament Chairman within one hour after the finish of the shooting line where the protest happened. The protest must be accompanied by $50 cash, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

6.     Any individual wishing to file a protest against another archer must inform that individual in the presence of a tournament official that a protest will be filed. Both individuals have the right to be present during the meeting of the protest committee. All protests must be submitted within one hour after the line on which the alleged offense occurred.

7.     Electronic scoring will be utilized for all archers. Electronic scoring will be considered an official form of scoring and failure to comply may result in disqualification of that day’s scores. Event staff will be available to assist with electronic scoring.

8.    An archer’s age will be determined by their actual birth date and their physical age as of the first day of the originally scheduled competition.

9.     Any equipment that impairs the hearing of the competitor will not be allowed on the shooting line. This is a safety issue and will be enforced.

10.   Pro Division Dress Code applies to all NFAA Pro Sanctioned Events.


1.     Each archer will shoot one standard NFAA Indoor Round each day, for two days during their registered event dates. Each standard round will consist of 60 arrows shot at a distance of 20 yards. Cubs will shoot at 10 yards. Each round shall consist of twelve ends of five arrows per end.

2.     Target:

a.     The target shall be 40 cm. in diameter and shall be of a dull blue color. The spot shall be two white rings with blue X in center ring. All inscribed scoring rings shall be white.

b.     The bullseye shall be 8 cm. in diameter with a 4 cm. X-ring.

c.     If using the NFAA Indoor Five Spot Target: An archer may shoot any of the 5 spots in any order and shoot as many arrows into any one spot as the archer desires, not to exceed the prescribed number of arrows per end. Scoring shall be five points for the combined 4 cm. X-ring and 8 cm. white ring and four points for the combined 12 cm. and 16 cm. blue rings.

3.     An archer must straddle the shooting line.  A disabled archer shooting from a chair or wheelchair will place the chair legs or wheels straddling the shooting line.

4.     The time limit shall be four minutes per end.

5.     In the event of equipment failure, the archer will have fifteen minutes repair time without holding up the tournament. One practice end will be allowed. The archer shall be allowed to shoot any arrows he or she did not shoot during the fifteen minutes repair time, after the final end.

6.     Prior to each shooting line there will be 2 ends of official practice on your assigned target. Scoring begins immediately after the two practice ends; no additional practice ends will be shot.

7.     Scoring:

a.     The scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the spot out.

b.     X-rings shall be counted and used as tie breakers and will be considered part of the official score. Ties for first, second and third place in the Professional Divisions will be determined by shoot off. Shoot offs will be one practice end, followed by one end where only the x ring scores 5. Then additional ends where
only the x ring scores 5, scored inside out, until ties are broken. All ends are sudden death.

Ties for first place only, in the Junior, Adult & Senior (not professional) divisions, will be determined by shoot-off. Same shoot off format as above. All other ties will receive duplicate awards.

c.     Archer shall record X’s and the numeric value of each arrow in each scoring box before touching or drawing any arrows from the target.  No archer may touch the target face before all arrows are scored.

d.     An arrow cutting two rings shall be scored in the ring of greater value. Scoring is determined by the position of the shaft. In all NFAA Rounds, an arrow shaft need only touch the line to be counted in the area of next higher value.

e.     In the event the scoring ring has become distorted due to torn or missing paper, the scorer shall visually reconstruct the natural arc of the scoring ring to determine the value of the arrow(s).

f.      Witnessed bounce outs or arrows passing completely through the target will be re-shot.

g.     Hits on the wrong target will be scored as misses.

h.     When an arrow is dropped while the archer is in the act of shooting, he/she may shoot another arrow in place of the dropped arrow if any portion of the dropped arrow is within ten feet of the shooting line.

i.       If an archer shoots more than the prescribed number of arrows in an end, the excess arrow or arrows of higher value will not be scored. A penalty of one scoring ring (1 point and 1 X if applicable) will be assessed for each arrow shot over the prescribed number of arrows.

j.       If an archer shoots less than the prescribed number of arrows in one end he/she may shoot his/her remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.

k.     The target group, which generally consists of four archers, will select a score caller, two scorekeepers, and a target captain. The target captain shall be the judge of disputed arrows on his/her target.  When a captain’s arrows are in question, the majority of the group shall decide the status of the target captain’s arrows.  When a line judge has been appointed and an appeal is made to the line judge, the line judges call will be final.

l.       Scorecards must have all totals correct and in the proper place. Both scorekeepers and the archer must sign the scorecard. A scorecard submitted with incorrect total(s) may be disqualified.

m.   Scorecards and tablets should be turned in within 30 minutes of the end of the assigned round. All scoring on the official scorecards must be completed in INK. Any changes on the official scorecard must be agreed upon and initialed by all archers in the scoring group. Any archer turning in an incorrect scorecard will be subject to disqualification.

2023 Indoor Nationals Pro-Am

Join us Friday, March 24, 2023 at 5:00pm for the Annual Indoor ProAm. Must be 14 or older by March 24, 2023 to register. 
All Amateur archers will be evenly divided among the Professional participants and will compete as pairs.
Space is limited to 3 Amateur shooters per Professional.
Please help us maximize the Amateur registrations by pre-registering for the Professional division. All professional registrants must have a current NFAA Professional membership.




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