The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center will host the 8th annual NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships, August 26-27, 2023. The event will be a 2-day outdoor shoot featuring a NFAA Classic 600 Round on Day 1 and a NFAA 900 Round on Day 2.

The NFAA Classic 600 Round will consist of 4 ends of 5 arrows shot at 3 distances, beginning with the closest distance. 4 minutes will be allowed for each end. The target will be the 92cm NFAA multicolor target face with gold-red-blue, etc. with archers having a choice of the full target (1 through 10 scoring areas) or the center spot (6 through 10 scoring areas). Cub distances will be 10-20-30 yards, Youth distances will be 30-40-50 yards and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 40-50-60 yards.

The NFAA 900 Round will consist of 5 ends of 6 arrows shot at 3 distances, beginning with the furthest distance. 5 minutes will be allowed for each end. The target will be the 122cm multicolor face with gold-red-blue, etc. (10 through 1) scoring areas. Cub distances will be 30-20-10 yards, Youth distances will be 50-40-30 yards and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 60-50-40 yards.

registration is open - click here to register

Adult & Senior Divisions

$115 Early Registration ($165 after 8/14/2023 Early Registration Deadline)

Adult (18+ years)
Senior (50+ years)
Silver Senior (60+ years)
Master Senior (70+ years)

  • Barebow
  • Barebow Recurve (Adult & Senior Divisions Only)
  • Bowhunter Freestyle
  • Freestyle
  • Freestyle Limited
  • Freestyle Limited Recurve
  • Longbow (Adult Division Only)
  • Traditional
  • Crossbow (Adult Division Only)


Junior Divisions

$90 Early Registration ($140 after 8/14/2023 Early Registration Deadline)

Cub (11 & under), Youth (12-14), Young Adult (15-17)

  • Barebow
  • Bowhunter Freestyle
  • Freestyle
  • Freestyle Limited Recurve


Professional Divisions

$255 Early Registration ($305 after 8/14/2023 Early Registration Deadline)

Professional (15+)
Professional Senior (50+)
Professional Silver Senior (60+)
Professional Master Senior (70+)

  • Freestyle


All registrations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be received in writing on or before the early registration deadline of 08/14/2023. No refunds will be considered on or after the early registration deadline. After the cancellation deadline, no refunds will be issued due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues.

preliminary schedule

Monday, August 21 - Wednesday, August 23

9:00AM-8:00PM Indoor/Outdoor Paid Practice Available (Please Pay Inside)

Thursday, August 24

9:00AM-6:00PM Check-In & Late Registration: All Events (Indoor Lobby)
9:00AM-8:00PM Indoor/Outdoor Paid Practice Available (Please Pay Inside)
12:00PM-6:00PM Indoor Vendor Trade Show

Friday, August 25

9:00AM-8:00PM Outdoor Paid Practice Available
9:00AM-8:00PM Indoor Paid Practice Available (As Space Allows)
9:00AM-6:00PM Check-In & Late Registration: All Events (Indoor Lobby)
9:00AM-6:00PM Indoor Vendor Trade Show
12:00PM First Dakota Classic: Qualification Rounds - All Championship Divisions
3:00PM First Dakota Classic: Qualification Rounds - All Flights & All Junior Divisions 
Please double check your shooting time as it may be affected by late registrations

Saturday, August 26

6:30AM-7:30AM Outdoor National Target: Outdoor Practice Available
At 7:30AM all bales will be reset for the first competition distance. All help is appreciated.
6:30AM-7:30AM Final Check-In & Late Registration (Outdoor Comfort Station)
8:00AM Outdoor National Target: NFAA 600 Classic Round
9:00AM-12:00PM Indoor Paid Practice Available
9:00AM-6:00PM Indoor Vendor Trade Show
AFTERNOON (check your match start time!): First Dakota Classic: Head-to-Head Matches

Sunday, August 27

6:30AM-7:30AM Outdoor National Target: Outdoor Practice Available
At 7:30AM all bales will be reset for the first competition distance. All help is appreciated.
8:00AM Outdoor National Target: NFAA 900 Round
12:00PM-4:00PM Indoor Vendor Trade Show
12:00PM-6:00PM Indoor Paid Practice Available
AFTERNOON: Outdoor National Target Awards Ceremonies

Concessions Available! Indoor/outdoor concessions will be available during all official shooting times.

Schedule is subject to change

All participants, regardless of ability, must adhere to NFAA competition rules.  The rules printed in this document are not the complete rules established by the NFAA, they are condensed by necessity.  They are not to be considered final; there could be other rules that may apply to your situation.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with the NFAA rules of competition. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for verifying you are in the correct Division and Style of Shooting prior to the beginning of competition.

SAFETY.  A few simple safety rules need to be observed:

  1. Make sure all your equipment is in safe working order, you are responsible for the damage your equipment may cause should a “malfunction” occur.
  2. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation matching arrow spine to bow weight.
  3. When drawing your bow, the arrow should always remain in a horizontal position pointed at the target. If you can only draw your bow with the arrow pointed upward, you are over bowed and tournament officials may request a change.
  4. Always be sure no one or nothing is in your line of “fire” when releasing an arrow, remember you are ultimately responsible for the destination of your arrow.

EQUIPMENT. It is your responsibility to know if your equipment is legal for NFAA competition.  Simply because your equipment was “legal” in your state or club competition does not necessarily mean it is legal as described by NFAA rules of competition.  If you are unsure about the legality of your equipment ask a tournament official.  If, at any time, it is deemed your equipment is not meeting NFAA equipment standards, you will be disqualified.

Maximum Peak Bow Weight allowed in NFAA Competition is 80 pounds, maximum speed of 300 FPS with a variance of 3%.


  1. An END consists of six arrows shot for score.
  2. There will be a five-minute time limit to shoot six arrows, with a 30 sec. warning before the time limit expires. The Director of Shooting (DOS) shall signal the start and finish of each end and shall use tournament control signals needed for safety.
  3. NFAA shooting divisions and styles shall be used for award presentation.
  4. Any kind of arrow may be used provided they do not damage the target face or target butt unreasonably.
  5. Any type of spotting aid may be used provided it does not cause an obstruction or interference to other shooters.
  6. Initial target assignments may be made according to any system designated by the tournament officials. There shall not be less than three nor more than five archers assigned to each target in use. Four is customary.
  7. Archers shall be re-assigned targets after each round on the basis of their total score in division and style for rounds completed.
  8. There shall be two practice ends or 45 minutes of open practice before the first scoring end in the competition.
  9. There shall be no practice permitted after a break or delay unless such postponement exceeds forty-five (45) minutes. In such cases the amount of practice shall be one practice end at the present scoring distance.
  10. A whistle system shall be used to control the archers shooting line, rotation and timing for scoring per end shot: Two (2) blasts to come to the shooting line, one (1) blast to start timing of shooting for score, three (3) blasts to go forward to score, and four (4) or more for emergency stop of all shooting.
  11. Equipment failures must be recognized by an official and 45 minutes will be allowed for repair. There will be one practice end, at the distance that the equipment failure occurred.
  12. A mis-shot arrow may be re-shot if the archer can touch the arrow with their bow without moving their feet at the shooting line.
  13. If an arrow should hang from the target face, shooting shall be interrupted and a judge shall immediately reinsert the arrow in its proper place in the scoring face.
  14. Ties shall be resolved in favor of the archer with the most hits. Then the greatest number of X’s, 10’s and 9’s etc. If still tied, the tie shall be so recorded unless it is for first place. Which will be shot off one arrow at a time. If still tied after two tie breaker arrows, the third will be closest to the center.
  15. Coaching an archer on the shooting line is permitted, providing that such coaching is not distracting to other contestants. Audible coaching of archers on the shooting line is not permitted.


  1. Arrows in the standard 122 cm target face shall be scored as follows: Inner Gold – 10, Outer Gold-9, Inner Red – 8, Outer Red-7, Inner Blue – 6, Outer Blue-5, Inner Black – 4, Outer Black-3, Inner White – 2, Outer White-1; all others shall be scored as an “M” (miss).
  2. An arrow shaft need only touch the scoring line to be counted in the next higher value. Doubtful arrows must be determined for each end before the arrows or target face have been touched, otherwise the lower value must be taken.
  3. An arrow that has passed through the scoring face so that it is not visible from the front shall be pushed back through for scoring. If a complete pass –through goes unnoticed until scoring at the target, it shall be re-shot. Arrows passing completely through the target, if witnessed, may be re-shot.
  4. An arrow that rebounds from the target butt shall be re-shot.
  5. An arrow embedded in another arrow in the scoring face shall be scored the same as the arrow in which it is embedded.
  6. Hits on the wrong target face shall score as misses.
  7. The archer chosen to pull the arrows from the target, normally the first in order of assignment, shall be the Target Captain and shall rule all questions on their target subject to appeal to the Line Judge.
  8. The Target Captain shall call the value of each arrow so it can be recorded by two score keepers, normally the next two assigned to the target. Scorers should keep a running score and check results after each end to avoid errors. Any archer on a target may request a judge to determine final score of any arrow before any arrows or the target butt are touched.
  9. Archers are individually responsible for seeing that their arrows are called correctly and are properly entered on the scorecards, and that their scorecards are signed and turned in to the proper officials.

GENERAL SHOOTING RULES for Classic 600 Round

  1. The only difference between the 600 Round and the 900 Round is the number of arrows per end and the number of ends per distance. All other rules apply.
  2. 20 arrows will be shot at each distance in four ends of five arrows for score.
  3. time limit shall be four minutes per end.
  4. The NFAA Archery Classic 92 cm Target Face shall be used. At the discretion of tournament management, the center version of the Face may be used utilizing only the 6 through 10 rings.  Archers who want to shoot the full 92 cm Target Face must state their desire during registration and will be accommodated by moving them to a target butt with a full face.
  5. The round is shot starting at the closest distance and progressing to the longest distance.

Trade Show

Trade Show booths will be available for vendors & sponsors at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center. Regular cost is $500 per 10’x10′. Each sponsor will receive one 10’x10′ at no cost. If space is available, additional booths will be billed at $500 per 10’x10′.
Booth locations will be assigned closer to the event when we have a better idea of the layout.

tradeshow contact: alice Lunardelli -

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