The League runs for 12 weeks at NFAA ranges across the world, offering members the opportunity to compete at an international level from their home range. Archers shoot Vegas rounds for the first 6-week session and NFAA 300 rounds (blue/white face) for the second 6-week session. Scores and scorecards are uploaded by the archer via an online form prior to the end of each session. The archer’s top 4 scores from each session are counted toward their National Indoor League final placement.

IMPORTANT: League scores do NOT have to be shot at a host location. If there is no host in their area, archers can also participate at any 20-yard indoor range around the world. Host locations with a current NFAA club charter or shop license and current NFAA Indoor Range Certification are eligible for rebates.

The Early Registration Deadline is January 15 and the Late Registration Deadline is January 31. No registrations will be accepted after January 31. 


Various Clubs - Nationwide, United States of America

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