Join us at the 78th annual NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships, hosted by Darrington Archers in Darrington, WA July 21-23, 2023.

Venue Address: 300 Sauk Avenue, Darrington, Washington 98241



Adult & Senior Divisions

$115 Early Registration ($165 after 7/10/23 Early Registration Deadline)

Adult (18+ years)
Senior (50+ years)
Silver Senior (60+ years)
Master Senior (70+ years)

Barebow Recurve (Adult & Senior Divisions Only)
Bowhunter Freestyle
Freestyle Limited
Freestyle Limited Recurve
Longbow (Adult Division Only)
Crossbow (Adult Division Only)


Junior Divisions

$90 Early Registration ($140 after 7/10/23 Early Registration Deadline)

Cub (11 & under), Youth (12-14), Young Adult (15-17)
Bowhunter Freestyle
Freestyle Limited Recurve


Professional Divisions

$255 Early Registration ($305 after 7/10/2023 Early Registration Deadline)

Professional (15+), Professional Senior (50+), Professional Silver Senior (60+), Professional Master Senior (70+)

All registrations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be received in writing on or before the early registration deadline. No refunds will be considered on or after the early registration deadline. After the cancellation deadline, no refunds will be issued due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues.


Flat Range Open for Practice
(Courses closed for setup)

Thursday, July 20

Official Practice Day

8:00am - 3:00pm Practice course open

Friday, July 21

Field Round

6:00am Breakfast at the Darrington Community Center ($5)
7:30am Archers' Daily Meeting + Announcements
8:00am Shotgun Start

Saturday, July 22

Hunter Round

6:00am Breakfast at the Darrington Community Center ($5)
7:30am Archers' Daily Meeting + Announcements
8:00am Shotgun Start

Sunday, July 23

Animal Round

6:00am Breakfast at the Darrington Community Center ($5)
7:30am Archers' Daily Meeting + Announcements
8:00am Shotgun Start
Shoot Offs & Awards to Follow Shooting

All participants, regardless of ability, must adhere to NFAA competition rules. The rules printed in this document are not the complete rules established by the NFAA, they are condensed by necessity. They are not to be considered final; there could be other rules that may apply to your situation. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the NFAA rules of competition. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for verifying you are in the correct Division and Style of Shooting prior to the beginning of competition.

A few simple safety rules need to be observed:

  1. Make sure all your equipment is in safe working order, you are responsible for the damage your equipment may cause should a “malfunction”occur.
  2. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation matching arrow spine to bow weight.
  3. When drawing your bow, the arrow should always remain in a horizontal position pointed at the target. If you can only draw your bow with the arrow pointed upward, you are over bowed and tournament officials may request a change.
  4. Always be sure no one or nothing is in your line of “fire” when releasing an arrow, remember you are ultimately responsible for the destination of your arrow.

It is your responsibility to know if your equipment is legal for NFAA competition. Simply because your equipment was “legal” in your state or club competition does not necessarily mean it is legal as described by NFAA rules of competition. If you are unsure about the legality of your equipment ask a tournament official. If, at any time, it is deemed your equipment is not meeting NFAA equipment standards, you will be disqualified.

Maximum Peak Bow Weight allowed in NFAA Competition is 80 pounds, maximum speed of 300 FPS with a variance of 3%.

  1. Archers shoot in groups of not less than 3 or more than 6; 4 to be the preferred number. No group of less than 3 shall turn in an official score.
  2. By mutual agreement each group of archers shall decide which two shall shoot from which side of the shooting stake. On targets 1 and 15 the archers shall change their order of shooting. Those who shot first shall shoot last and those who shot last shall shoot first. Those archers who had been shooting from the right side shall shoot from the left side and those who had been shooting from the left side shall shoot from the right side. If you shot bottom targets you will switch to the top and if you shot top you will switch to the bottom. Example: The archers beginning on target #8 will maintain their shooting position through target #14. On target #15, they will change shooting positions and continue through #28. At target #1 the archers will resume their original positions and finish the course through target #7. The archer must straddle an imaginary shooting line, which is marked by the distance stake and parallel to the target face, while shooting the required arrows. No archer may advance to the target until all arrows have been shot by the group, except for yardages that are 32 yards or less and when there are more than four archers in a group on 35cm targets or smaller.
  3. When shooting at butts with multiple target faces, the first 2 archers will shoot the bottom target faces. When target faces are placed side by side (i.e. 50 cm) the archer on the left will shoot the left target face; the archer on the right will shoot the right target face. On fan positions the same applies, except each archer will shoot one arrow from each position, two arrows at each target. Any arrow striking the wrong target shall be considered a miss and may not be re-shot. 20 cm targets will be shot vertically. The shooter may elect to shoot top to bottom in order or bottom to top in order. Each archer must choose one column of four target faces on his or her side of the shooting stakes. An archer must not shoot at a column that has already been shot by another archer.
  4. Two or more archers shall shoot at the same time to prevent delays. One group shall not hold up the following groups for any reason including looking for lost arrows. Enough arrows shall be carried so that each archer may continue shooting, and return later to find any missing arrows. If one or more open targets in front and two or more groups back up, the delaying group shall allow the backed up groups to shoot through.
  5. Archers may not practice on any course to be used for tournament competition later the same day, however, the first target of each day’s competition will be used as practice at the discretion of the tournament chairman. This will be determined and announced prior to each day’s round. Practice arrows shall not be counted as score. The maximum number of practice arrows allowable will be determined by the round being shot.
  6. An archer leaving the range for any reason other than an emergency or an equipment failure may be privileged to return to his/her group and complete unfinished round or subsequent rounds. He/She will not be privileged to make up any missed targets in the interim. If deemed an emergency, or an equipment failure, then in the presence of the tournament official he/she will be allowed to shoot and score missed targets.
  7. In the case of an equipment failure, the archer may have the needed time, as granted by a tournament official, for equipment repair or replacement and may shoot arrows required to assure that the proper sight settings are accurate, within the 45 minute maximum time limit. Then, in the presence of the tournament official, be allowed to shoot and score the targets missed. This occurrence of repair or replacement is allowed only once in any tournament day.
  8. No archer may shoot (compete) in any one tournament more than one time. No dual registration is allowed.
  9. In case of inclement weather, the tournament shall continue unless the range has becomes unsafe as determined by the Tournament Chairman or appointed Tournament Officials. A pre-determined signal will be sounded to halt competition. An archer leaving the range without approval shall be subject to rule #6 above.
  10. No alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed on any range or practice area during shooting hours at National or Sectional tournaments. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately disqualified and not be allowed to complete the tournament.
  11. Tripods for spotting scopes and/or binoculars shall not be permitted.
  12. A (3) three-letdown rule will be applied per arrow. A fourth letdown will be counted as a shot arrow. There will be a shooting time limit. Your scorecard must be turned in by the announced deadline for that day’s score to be recorded.
  13. The targets must be shot in numerical sequence. Archers are not allowed to intentionally skip a target(s) and return later to shoot and score the skipped target(s). An intentionally skipped target(s) may not be re-shot and shall be scored as a zero.
  14. Archers must complete the prescribed number of targets for the tournament to be eligible for an award. No award can be won with an incomplete score, except in the case of emergency.
  1. All arrows must remain in the target butt, untouched, until all arrows are scored. In all NFAA Rounds, an arrow shaft need only touch the line to be counted in the area of next higher value.
  2. The status of all arrows shall be determined and recorded before touching or withdrawing any arrows from the target butt.
  3. The target group will select a score caller, two scorekeepers, and a target captain. The target captain shall be the judge of disputed arrows on his/her target. When a captains arrows are in question, the majority of the group shall decide the status of Target Captains arrows. When a line judge has been appointed by the tournament director and an appeal is made to the line judge, the line judge’s call will be final.
  4. Off-ground skids or glances into the target shall not be counted. Arrows striking objects over the shooting lane may be re-shot.
  5. Arrows passing through the face, but still in the butt, may be pushed back and scored as hits in the circles through which they passed. Any arrows deflected by a foreign object or miss fired will be scored where it lies. Any arrow embedded in the nock of another arrow (generally known as a “Robin Hood”) will be scored the same as the arrow it struck and skewered.
  6. Arrows believed to have passed through the target may be re-shot with marked arrows, which will not be scored if the doubtful arrows are found in the butt.
  7. Unsuspected pass through: In any instance where arrows are found to have obviously passed through in such a manner they cannot be properly scored and their location and the condition of the butt convince the target captain that the arrows did indeed pass through a scoring area, the archer may return and re-shoot from the obvious distances or furthest distances involved.
  8. Witnessed bounce outs, believed to have hit the target in the scoring area, will be re-shot.
  9. Ties for 1st in Championship Flights will be broken by a shoot off. Ties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Professional divisions will be broken by shoot off. All shoot offs for ties will take place at the practice range, on the longest yardage commensurate with age. Field or Hunter faces may be used at the discretion of the tournament director. Score, Spots & X’s will be used. After one end, if still tied, repeat the end.
  10. An archer who shoots arrows in excess of the prescribed number shall lose the arrow or arrows of higher value. A penalty of one point will be assessed for each arrow shot over the prescribed number.
  11. Any arrow(s) shot from other than a pre-designated position in the designated order shall be scored as “0” (zero).
  12. A dropped arrow is one which falls while being transferred from the quiver to be nocked on the string or in preparation for a shot or which falls from the string during a controlled letdown. A dropped arrow may be re-shot.
  13. Scorecards must be signed as correct by the scorekeeper and the archer. Once submitted, a scorecard cannot be retrieved for purposes of changing totals. An archer who has signed and submitted a scorecard as correct which has incorrect total(s) may be disqualified.

hotel list

Home2 Suites by Hilton

15 room courtesy block available
4070 116th St NE Marysville WA 98271
Contact Information: Call 360-722-3600

Quality Inn

5200 172nd St NE Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: Call 360-474-4525

Best Western

3721 172nd St NE Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: Call 360-363-4321

La Quinta Inn and Suites

11430 38th Dr NE Marysville WA 98271
Contact Information: Call 360-659-1710

Smokey Point Motor Inn

17329 Smokey Point Dr Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: Call 360-851-9477

housing list

Gregory Minaker

Fully furnished one bedroom living unit with double bed that can house 4. Full kitchen, bathroom and access to laundry. Also offering 1-2 trailer spots with power to one unit.
Possible camp site access to shower/toilet facilities.

27405 Whitman Rd Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: or call/text 360-435-8133

Theron Lindquist

Offering 2020 Extended Stay Park trailer fully hooked up. Also offering a level area good for tent camping or RV Parking

Contact Information: or call/text 425-346-9949

Carson Tavenner

Offering 8 cot bunk tent, glamping tent with a queen bed. Also offering a house with a queen bed and space for tent or RV parking.

Contact Information:

Karri Beazer

Offering a full 3-bedroom house with two queen bedrooms, one full bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms. House has a bonus room about the garage suitable for cots or air mattresses.

1135 Montague Ave Darrington WA 98241
Contact Information: or call/text 360-690-5043

Heather Sado

Offering a full 3-bedroom 2 bath rambler in town and a place for RV/trailer parking.

1035 Emens Ave N Darrington WA 98241
Contact Information: or call/text 425-299-3462

Tom and Karen

Offering 2 camping spots with access to water and electricity

Contact Information: Call/text 360-436-1127

Miss Billie

Offering two queen beds and two twin beds with access to kitchen and showers

37917 Swede Heaven Rd Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: Call/text 360-436-1414

Claire Wilbert

Offering a one-bedroom guest house

Contact Information: or call/text 206-414-8343

Jamie Olson

Offering Single Bedroom which can accommodate 1

Contact Information:

Mary Nations

Offering 4 bedrooms

Contact Information:


Offering 2 bedroom house in town

Contact Information: Call/text 360-502-6504


Offering 2 lofts, sleeps 4. Secluded with onsite parking. Kitchenware and Nespresso provided. Fire pit and deck.

28020 SR 530 NE, Arlington, WA 98223
Contact Information:

Peaceful Cabins on Private Property

Located 6 miles before Darrington, about 10 miles west from archery club

  • $100/night for a 400 sq feet unit , shower, toilet, fridge, hot plates to cook on, max 2 persons
  • $200/night for a 600 sq feet unit , full kitchen and full bathroom, max 4 person
  • $250/night for a 800 sq feet unit , full kitchen and 2 full bathrooms, max 6 persons
  • $ 75/night for a 60 sq feet bunk-bed room with full bathroom 40 sq feet, no kitchenette ( small fridge , coffee maker, microwave ), max 1 or 2 persons.
  • Also offering two hookups for RVs at $50/night based on 2 person, $25 a night per extra person
  • Tent camping: $25 per night based on 2 person, $10 a night per extra person

Other Information: We ask to be paid half 1 month before arrival, with the balance due 2 weeks before arriving. No refunds for cancellations less than one week before your booking date.
You will be asked to sign liability waivers for land owners ( us ) and the ministry upon arrival …not signing is no key plus no refund. The ministry will reserve the right to house missionaries instead of your members until
April 30, 2023 and/ or if payments are not made in time. payments need to be made out to our ministry as a donation, as this is a fundraiser for it. These donations are not tax deductible as you receive services for it.
Linens for beds , bath and kitchen towels provided. No maid service , use laundromat in town.

Visit the Website:
Contact Information:

Whitehorse Campground

Visit the Website:

46609 N Mountain Rd Darrington WA 98241
Contact Information: Call 425-388-6600

Squire Creek Park and Campground

Visit the Website: 

41415 State Road 530 Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: Call 360-435-3441

River Meadows Park

Visit the Website: 

20416 Jordan Rd Arlington WA 98223
Contact Information: Call 425-388-6600

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