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2024 MN NFAA State Indoor Championship Results

91 archers participated in the 2024 MN NFAA State Indoor Championship at the Waseca Archery Club from January 26-28. We had participants from the youngest age of 7 to the oldest at 96 years young. Proof that anyone can be an archer at any age!!!

Many archers scored a perfect 300 at the tournament!


  • Sunday, 9am line: Congrats to Wade Grinager (58X), Nathan Wieme (51X). Wes Moeller (50X), Zoie Thompson (54X), Corey Brown (54X), Timothy Lopez (58X), and Brent Duenow (50X)!
  • Sunday, noon line: Congratulations to Tim Gohla (57X), James Nelson (51X), Taylor Given (52X), Callidora Muonio (38X), Ava Noehre (50X), and Jesse Given (55X)!
  • Friday, 6:30pm line: Congrats to Jeff Gotz (57X) and Tim Wilson (55X). 

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