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3 Star Tour: $10,000 Shoot Off

Archers that have completed the 3 Star Tour will shoot off for a $10,000 cash prize, June 11, at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center.

Here is how it all works:
Archers must compete/have competed in the following 2016 tournaments:

1. The Vegas Shoot, January 29-31
2. NFAA Indoor Nationals, March 19-20
3. First Dakota Classic, June 10-12

The prize:
All eligible archers, amateur and professional, will shoot off for the $10,000 cash prize.

New for 2016, the amateur guarantee:
If a professional archer wins the $10,000 shoot off, the last remaining amateur will win the amateur guarantee of $5,000. If an amateur archer wins the $10,000 shoot off, there will not be an additional $5,000 awarded. If the last amateurs are all eliminated at the same distance, they will shoot again, scoring inside out at the same distance.

Who qualifies for the amateur guarantee:
Amateur status, on the 3 Star Tour, refers to any archers that compete in the 3-Star Adult, Senior, Flight or Junior divisions and/or Young Adult Championship divisions. Archers 14 and under that have qualified for the shoot off are encouraged to participate but cannot qualify for a cash prize. If an archer has competed in a Professional and/or an Adult or Senior Championship division during the 2016 3-Star Tour, they are not eligible for the amateur guarantee.

The format will be as follows:
All archers will participate in a single arrow shoot off at increasing distances on a 40cm single spot target. Anyone that does not match the highest score will be eliminated. Distances will increase by 5 yds each arrow. If the remaining shooters are all eliminated at the same distance, they will shoot again, scoring inside out at the same distance. The maximum distance will be 60 yards. If a tie remains at 60 yards, the remaining archers will continue to shoot at this distance, scoring inside out, until a winner is determined. There will be no allowance for equipment failure.

For the qualifying tournaments, you may register in any class/division you choose but you must shoot for score in all 3 tournaments. Archers do not have to compete in the same division/shooting style at all three tournaments. Crossbows will not be allowed for the shoot off.

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