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48 archers score perfect 300 60Xs on day one of Indoor Nationals

Halfway through competition at Indoor Nationals 2019, 48 shooters remain clean on scores of 300 points with 60Xs. The event is taking place at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati.

The Freestyle Professional Male division had 38 clean shooters on day one; Freestyle Professional Senior Male, two; Freestyle Adult Male, six; Freestyle Young Adult Male, one; and the Freestyle Youth Male, one.

Utah's Steve Anderson said the key to keeping clean was staying mentally focused.

"Indoor Nationals is a pretty long round. While it's not hard to hit the X, it is easy to miss the X and it is also very easy to lose focus over three hours, four hours, possibly each day, so it's just a matter of staying mentally engaged for the entire amount of time," said Anderson.

"You have to be able to turn it off when you come off the line, and turn it on when you go back on."

Archers shoot 120 arrows over two days of competition, 60 per day, for a maximum score of 600 points with 120Xs at Indoor Nationals.

Chance Beaubouef, Chris Bee and Jesse Broadwater were among the 38 shooters in the Professional Freestyle divisions that didn't miss the X on the first day.

"I think the secret is like any practice at home. Just try to challenge yourself, take yourself out of your comfort zone at home and then come to a tournament with a 100% confidence and the tournament situation should be easier than practice," explained Jesse.

The Cub divisions, in which archers shoot at 10 yards rather than 20, had one clean archer: Caleb Quiocho from California.

The first line on the second day of competition at Indoor Nationals will start at 7:00am local time on Sunday, March 17. Shoot offs will take place soon after the end of the last line, at around 5:00pm.

Follow Indoor Nationals results live from March 16-17 at info.ianseo.net.

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