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Bob Eyler wins $52,000 grand prize at Vegas Shoot 2018

He became The Vegas Shoot's 39th freestyle men's or open champion.

Michigan's Bob Eyler beat seven 900-perfect shooters and the Lucky Dog to take The Vegas Shoot 2018 freestyle open championship at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on January 11, securing a $52,000 top priye.

"Dream come true. Archery-related, that's my dream come true," said first-time winner Eyler.

Over the three days of competition, only eight men shot 900/900 points in a field that had no previous champion take to the shootdown floor.

"If there's any tournament I could choose to win, this would be it," added Eyler.

Bob, Federico Pagnoni, Kris Schaff, Paul Tedford, Richard Bowen, Lonnie Jacob Marlow, Sebastien Peineau, Lewis Holmes III were joined by Christopher Perkins, the year's Lucky Dog.

Italy's Pagnoni was the first one to drop out. Then Schaff, Tedford, Bowen, Marlow, Peineau and Holmes III followed. Eyler and Lucky Dog Christopher Perkins went head-to-head.

Eyler scored 30 over Perkin's 29, when the latter's last arrow went low, to become The Vegas Shoot 39th freestyle open champion and secure the $52,000 prize fund.

"This is the culmination of my archery career. But I'm gonna keep shooting, because I love to shoot," said Eyler.

Eighteen-year-old Alexis Ruiz, Linda Ochoa-Anderson and Nora Valdez went into the shootdown for the freestyle women championship, which the formers won with a perfect 30 points.

"I can't believe it. I'm only 18, it's my first year as a pro in Vegas and I never expected to get this far," said Alexis.

Linda was second and Nora third.

Dane Johnson took the young adult event and Keith Trail the compound senior championship.

The recurve championship winners were Steve Wijler, Lisa Unruh and Andrew Park. David Machart won the barebow open title.

Check full results on The Vegas Shoot app or on info.ianseo.net.

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