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Gaylon Russell Presented with Grand Master Bowhunter Award

In a remarkable celebration of dedication and skill, Gaylon Russell, an esteemed member of the NFAA hailing from Missouri, was presented with the prestigious Grand Master Bowhunter Award at the 2024 Indoor Nationals held in Louisville.

Gaylon's journey to this pinnacle of bowhunting excellence spans three decades, during which he has tirelessly pursued small game and big game species across five US states, two African countries, and two Canadian provinces. His unwavering commitment to the sport and his exceptional marksmanship have been duly recognized by the NFAA.

The Grand Master Bowhunter Award stands as the highest accolade bestowed by the NFAA, reserved for those who have demonstrated unparalleled proficiency and devotion to the craft of hunting with a bow and arrow. Gaylon's achievement adds another illustrious chapter to the annals of bowhunting history. The journey undertaken by bowhunters to attain this esteemed status progresses through four distinct classes of Bowhunter Awards: the Bowhunter Pin, the Expert Bowhunter Pin, the Master Bowhunter Pin, and the coveted Grand Master Bowhunter Pin. This prestigious honor is not easily earned; recipients must progress through the award levels multiple times, earning degrees with each completion of the Master Bowhunter pin requirements before attaining the Grand Master Bowhunter level on third degree. 

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be current NFAA members and verify the legal and ethical harvesting of all species pursued. Gaylon's attainment of the Grand Master Bowhunter Pin is a testament to his dedication and expertise, and exemplifies his commitment to the principles of responsible bowhunting. He joins a select group of archers who have been bestowed with the Grand Master Bowhunter honor, including Jerry Decker in 2012 and Michael Anglin in 2007. The esteemed ranks of the Grand Master society also include honorary members such as Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, Ted Nugent, Art Young, Saxton Pope, and Jim Dougherty, among others.

As Gaylon reflects on his remarkable journey, his achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring bowhunters worldwide. Through decades of dedication and perseverance, Gaylon Russell has etched his name into the pantheon of bowhunting excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the sport he loves.

The NFAA extends its heartfelt congratulations to Gaylon Russell on this great accomplishment. 

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