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Highlights from the 2024 Indoor Nationals

The 44th edition of the NFAA Indoor National Championship was once again a showcase of archery talent, drawing over 1500 shooters from across the globe to Louisville, Kentucky. The event, held on March 15-17, saw participants from 48 US states, along with archers from Canada, Denmark, the US Virgin Islands, and the Netherlands, competing fiercely for the coveted titles of National Champion.

In an exciting display of skill and precision, the competition unfolded over two days: Friday and Saturday for the Professional divisions, Saturday and Sunday for amateurs. The format? The NFAA Indoor Round, shot on the iconic blue and white 5-spot target face. Each archer faced the challenge of shooting 60 arrows, divided into 12 ends of five, aiming for a maximum score of 300 points per round. While most targets were set at 20 yards, the youngest competitors, in the Cub division - aged 11 and under - took aim from 10 yards.

The Pro-Am event took center stage on Friday, offering amateurs a unique opportunity to partner with a Pro and compete side by side. Paired-up teams engaged in five ends of the NFAA Indoor Round, showcasing their skills and camaraderie on the range. The team scores were ranked, with cash payouts awaiting the top performers. Pro Archer Robert Householder expressed his fondness for the Pro-Am, stating, "I like to shoot the Pro-Am because I remember when I was not a pro yet and wanting to shoot with all the pros, and this is a great experience for everybody." Heather Gore and Tim Gillingham shared a lighthearted perspective on the event, jokingly commenting, "the Pro only has one goal: not to be beat by his amateur," while emphasizing the joy of meeting new people—an aspect they both cherish about archery. The teams of Isaac Sullivan/Thomas Gawel and Kyle Douglas/Caleb Quiocho took home the win, with an outstanding performance resulting in a first-place tie with perfect scores.

Saturday continued with the second official day of competition for the Professional divisions. Among the standout performances of the event was Mathias Fullerton's remarkable achievement in the Professional Male Freestyle division. Just six weeks after clinching victory at the Vegas Shoot, the Dane archer once again showcased his exceptional consistency and skill in the Professional shoot-off, defeating 18 other archers and securing the national championship title. Jeff Raney claimed second place, narrowly beaten by only one point, while Isaac Sullivan, who joined the Pro division just last year, secured third place. 

Similarly, Paige Pearce left an indelible mark on the competition by dominating the Professional Female Freestyle division. In a repeat of her clean victory last year, Pearce's flawless performance culminated in a perfect score of 600 with 120X, placing her at the top of her division's podium, followed by Tanja Gellenthien in second, and Alexis Ruiz in third.

In the Senior Male Professional division, the competition reached a thrilling climax as Bill Drake of Washington emerged victorious after a nail-biting shoot-off. Drake, along with Reo Wilde and Lynn Hoch, found themselves in a tie for first place, each with a score of 600 119x after two days of intense competition.

In an exhilarating twist, the Freestyle amateur divisions saw several shoot-offs for first place as well.

The Freestyle Young Adult Male and Senior division each ended with a 3-way tie for first place among Barrett Pirtle of KS (1st place), Caleb Quiocho of CA (2nd place) , and Owen Frohmader of WI (3rd place) in Young Adult, and Kelly Weathersbee of PA (1st place), Kirby Gillespie of VA (2nd place), and Stephen Wagner of CA (2nd place) in Senior. Doug Nihart (KS) and Bill Myers (MO) were both tied for 1st place in the Freestyle Master Senior Male division, with Nihart bringing home the silver bowl after a two-ends shoot off. Finally, a two-way tie for 1st unfolded in the Freestyle Adult Male category, featuring Landon Standish of NC (1st place) and Jason Goedken of IA (2nd place). Notably, in the Freestyle Adult Male division, a remarkable four-way tie for 3rd place highlighted the exceptional quality of archers vying for the podium.

In 2024, several new records were established by amateur archers, setting new benchmarks in their respective divisions for years to come. Congratulations to:

  • Stacey Carmichael (TX) - Adult Female Longbow 492 11x
  • Brian Way (WI) - Adult Male Barebow Recurve 583 58x
  • Timothy Johnson (MI) - Adult Male Longbow 542 32x
  • Margaret Ericson (GA) - Cub Female Barebow Recurve 506 15x
  • Brantley Lachecki (IL) - Cub Male Barebow Recurve 576 51x
  • Alain Pinto (TX) - Cub Male Freestyle Limited Recurve 599 81x
  • Charlene Shelfer (WA) - Master Senior Female Barebow Recurve 468 11x
  • Gayle Steele (OK) - Master Senior Female Bowhunter Freestyle 580 55x
  • Cathie Huenemeier (TX) - Master Senior Female Traditional 507 21x
  • Timothy Strickland (CO) - Master Senior Male Barebow Recurve 560 29x
  • Petula Workman (TX) - Senior Female Barebow Recurve 515 13x
  • Jenifer Stoner (VA) - Silver Senior Female Barebow Recurve 500 17x
  • Cheryl Holt (TX) - Silver Senior Female Bowhunter Freestyle 569 41x
  • Edward Kramer (IL) - Silver Senior Male Barebow Recurve 500 17x
  • Randy Petersburg (IA) - Silver Senior Male Freestyle Limited 594 69x
  • Carly Cheatham (TX) - Young Adult Female Barebow Recurve 470 10x
  • Luke Thornsbury (IL) - Young Adult Male Barebow Recurve 536 29x
  • Medina Otajagic (CT) - Youth Female Barebow Recurve 545 32x
  • Chloe Nelsen (WI) - Youth Female Freestyle 600 115x
  • Liam Ferri (NJ) - Youth Male Barebow Recurve 478 16x 

As the curtains drew to a close on the 2024 NFAA Indoor Nationals, 93 national champions were crowned across various divisions, symbolizing the culmination of dedication, perseverance, and sheer talent. The event not only celebrated the spirit of competition but also fostered camaraderie and sportsmanship among archers of all ages and backgrounds.

Looking ahead, the legacy of the NFAA Indoor Nationals continues to inspire future generations of archers. As we reflects on the triumphs of this year's event, anticipation builds for the next chapter of this competition: stay tuned for the announcement on next year's date and venue!

View the competition's results on the NFAA App.

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