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NFAA Adds January Dates for the 2020 Indoor National Championship - Quarantine Edition

Due to increased COVID restrictions and closures across the nation, the National Field Archery Association has added two January dates for the 2020 Indoor National Championship - Quarantine Edition. The extended dates will allow for all states and members to participate in the virtual event.

Event dates will now include December 3-6, December 11-13, December 17-20, January 7-10, and January 14-17.

The tournament will be hosted by NFAA clubs and shops across the country, allowing members to compete in smaller groups closer to home. All sites will have the option of selecting a single date or multiple dates, to best fit their needs and availability.

All NFAA clubs and shop are eligible to register for the new dates.

Already a registered and approved location? Click here to register for additional dates.

Not a current location? Click here to complete the club and shop application to become a host site. All current NFAA chartered clubs and shops are eligible to register. Each location must have an NFAA inspected range (permanent or temporary) and be able to accommodate at least 20 archers for the event. The venues should have working restrooms and access to drinking water. Access to WiFi or cellular data is preferred. All new clubs or shops must apply by December 14, 2020, to be considered as a host location.

Archers will be required to complete two NFAA 300 rounds (blue/white face). Preliminary scores will be compiled via electronic scoring at each site and official scorecards will be verified by headquarters' staff. Archers will compete for one-time-only custom champion belt buckles and custom medals for 2nd and 3rd place. Traditional NFAA flight medals will be awarded to non-championship flights. Registration cost per archer will be $65 for adult/senior divisions and $50 for junior divisions. Registrations received after the early registration dates will pay a late fee of $25.

Archer registration is available via the Sport80 platform at nfaausa.sport80.com. Additional dates will be open for registration starting on December 1, 2020, and will be added as they are submitted. Early registration deadlines will be based on location dates. Early registration is encouraged to ensure the archer receives all event benefits. See details at nfaausa.com/indoor-nationals.

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