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NFAA Partners With Scholastic 3-D Archery to Create New Opportunities for Youth

On January 15, 2016 the National Field Archery Association and Scholastic 3-D Archery announced together the organization would create an indoor S3DA event using NFAA indoor tournament rules and regulations.

"We have tried to be a leader in the promotion and preservation of competitive target archery," said Bruce Cull, NFAA President. "We see that the youth of archery will be our future and have taken steps to encourage and support young archers, S3DA is the next step in promoting youth archery. We are very excited to partner with them to incorporate indoor target archery to the S3DA organization."

Local NFAA clubs will work with the S3DA program to deliver shooting venues, events and mentoring programs for S3DA students and families. NFAA directors will be working on bringing more S3DA clubs to their states.

"The NFAA is the standard in indoor target archery here in the U.S.," said Jennie Richardson, Executive Director for Scholastic 3-D Archery. With this partnership, our students have the opportunity to compete in the same environment that archery professionals do. This is a giant step forward for S3DA, NFAA, and youth archery."

The first S2DA Indoor 5-Spot tournament was held on January 9, 2016. 30 youth archers attended the tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. Among the 30 archers were their friends and family who came to watch.

"It is encouraging to be involved in a sport where parents and other spectators care about the participants and openly encourage and support them," said Derek Marshall, the Indiana State Coordinator for S3DA. "The atmosphere of the competition was very positive."

Results from the Tournament:
8-11 year old Male pins?: 1st Hunter Blankenship?, 2nd Justin Allison
8-11 year old Female pins?: 1st Taylor Clevenger,? 2nd Emma Britt?3rd Olivia Huckleberry
8-11 year old Female traditional:? 1st Emily Shackleford
12-14 year old Male open: 1st Weston Stamps
12-14 year old Male pins?: 1st Burke Tuggle,? 2nd Brent Myers?, 3rd Seth Gayler
12-14 year old Female pins: 1st Brianna Shofner,? 2nd Jordan Zeigler?, 3rd Gracie Zeigler
12-14 year old Male traditional:? 1st Marshall Anderson?, 2nd Daniel Wilson
15-18 year old Male open?: 1st Matthew Holley?, 2nd Daniel Wenberg,? 3rd Tristan Whalen
15-18 year old Male pins?: 1st Adam Cron?, 2nd Tyler Reed, 3rd Nathan Hanthorn
15-18 year old Female pins?: 1st Ashley Greenwood?, 2nd Courtney Ashley?, 3rd Madison McClane


The Scholastic 3-D Archery started in December 2012 by the Scholastic Archery Association, S3DA has grown exponentially as a next step program to follow introductory programs offered as part of 4-H or the National Archery in Schools Program. S3DA addresses the need for a program to bridge beginning target archery experience and more advanced activities such as 3-D shooting and bowhunting. The program currently operates across the United States with hundreds of certified coaches serving thousands of young archers, grades 3-12.

To find out more information about S3DA you can visit their website or check out their Facebook. You can read more about this tournament and partnership here and here.

All photos were taken from the S3DA Facebook.


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