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NFAA Responds to Community Feedback on Indoor National Championship Venue Selection

In response to feedback from our archery community regarding the upcoming NFAA Indoor National Championship, we wish to address concerns directly and transparently about the selection of Navy Pier in Chicago, IL, as our event venue.

After an extensive bidding process that included over twelve potential locations across the United States, both from the central and eastern regions, the selection of Chicago’s Navy Pier was made through a unanimous vote by the NFAA Council. This decision was made due to overwhelming input to have the NFAA Indoor Nationals a month earlier in February. Chicago’s strong record of hosting major events in February, including the largest auto show in the U.S., assured us of its capability. Additionally, we considered polls from our members and past participants, as well as the proximity of past attendees to the Chicago area. These factors, coupled with the limited availability of suitable venues during the busy month of February, compelled us to promptly secure an appropriate location for our event.

We are aware of the biases that exist against hosting the event in Chicago, particularly concerns related to winter weather and safety. Before finalizing our decision, the NFAA conducted an official visit to Navy Pier and was highly impressed by the facilities and the security measures in place. Navy Pier is a top-tier venue, situated in one of the most dynamic and secure parts of the city, and is well-equipped to host an event of this scale.

The NFAA is committed to ensuring that this championship reflects the high standards of our events. Additional logistical support will be provided to address any potential weather-related challenges and to prioritize the safety and comfort of all attendees.

"The Chicago area has nearly 10 million residents with one of the busiest airports in the U.S.," highlights Brian Sheffler, NFAA President. "It's designed to easily handle groups of our size during all months of the year. Weather-wise, it's very similar to my home in Indianapolis as well as past locations like Cincinnati."

"We understand that not everyone will agree with every decision, but we assure you that these decisions are made with the best interests of our sport and our archery community," commented Bruce Cull, NFAA Executive Director. "We also want to clarify that we encourage opinions and constructive criticism but spreading incorrect information and biases on social media is unproductive. The NFAA will focus its efforts on facts and positive communication to provide a quality experience for the archers."

The NFAA is actively working on solutions and will continue to develop and share detailed plans over the coming months, addressing your concerns about the new location. We value your feedback and are committed to ensuring a responsive and transparent preparation process. For further inquiries and more detailed information about the event preparations, please contact us at info@nfaausa.com.

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