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NFAA Talks to Shawnn Vincent, with Olympian and Professional Archer Rod White

Rod White had a chance to sit down and talk with Pro Archer, Shawnn Vincent, at the NFAA Indoor Nationals 2018 in Cincinnati.

During the interview, the two chatted about Shawnn's initial interest in archery, and where he started competing. As a Pro, Shawnn discusses what equipment he uses, and the differences between preparing for field archery vs indoor competition. "You gotta find what works for you," he says.

What makes Vincent's history with archery so impressive, is his time spent on Team USA. "Prior to being in law enforcement for the past six years, I served in the navy and got to see a bit of the world. At the age of 14 I became a volunteer firefighter and so I've grown up in public service. When I made the team back in 2015, it was near and dear to the heart. Wearing the USA logo brings a whole new meaning. When you've served your country- and still are serving your cities, it means a lot more." Shawnn goes on to discuss his first tournament in Mexico and all the emotions he experienced making it to the head-to-head medal matches.

Rod and Shawnn cover topics like the dedication to practice, his goals for the summer, and ultimate decision to go pro. Shawnn excitedly talks about working with kids and who he looks up to in the archery world. His final advice to archers out there? "One arrow at a time."


Olympic medalist Rod White talks with NFAA archers about all things archery including: indoor archery, outdoor target archery, field archery, 3D archery, bowhunting, bowfishing, the archery lifestyle, National Field Archery Association (NFAA) events and tournaments and much more!

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