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The 2024 Florida State Indoor Championships Was a Blast!

We haven't seen participation like this for some time! Check out the results from the 2024 FL State Indoor Championships.

The Florida Archery Association divided the 2024 NFAA State Indoor Tournament into 3 locations: Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale. The strategy turned out to be a total success because it was possible to reach the archers of the 3 regions of North, Central, and South Florida. This organization, added to a continuous communication campaign that includes the NFAA sectional page, the FAA site as well as a continuous marketing effort on Facebook and Instagram, has managed to awaken interest in the sport on the part of the community as well as the participation in events by being able to make pertinent information accessible to all archers in the state.

The clubs that received the archers were Adventures archery in Tampa, East River Archery in Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale Archers. We thank the club leaders and all Florida archers for their support of the sport of Archery!

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