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The FAA Launches a New Format for Magazine

Since the beginning of 2023, the Florida Archery Association began to improve the format of the Archery Release magazine it publishes every quarter.

For more than a decade this publication has served to inform the Florida archery community about events, results and news.

This December 2023, the decision was finally made to convert this publication to be entirely digital so that it can be easily viewed, read and shared through any device.

The most important sections contained in the new release magazine are tournament results, information on upcoming events, news about archery,  prominent Florida archers, and articles of interest. Additionally, we have included links that connect directly to the NFAA membership pages.

We hope that all readers like it. As always, we are open to your comments and suggestions to improve our work and present quality content completely adapted to the modernity of the digital age. 

Read the magazine

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