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Try Archery: Archery Bowling

How To: Archery Bowling

This game is great for all ages and skill levels!

Goal: to reinforce the archer's form.


  • Materials
    • 10 Solo cups
    • Bow
    • Arrows
    • Optional: Platform or box (something you wouldn't mind being damaged)
    • Optional: Bail
  • Set Up
    • Optional: Place your platform or box in front of a bail. You may also set them up on the ground.
    • Place the 10 cups accordingly - 4 on the bottom, three next, two next, and one on the top.
    • Line up the archers several feet away.
  • How to Play
    • Each archer gets two arrows, or you can have teams of two and each archer gets one arrow to shoot.
    • Each archer will get a chance to shoot and they want to knock as many cups down as they can.
    • Each cup knocked down is worth one point, but there are other ways to earn points.
      • Shooting a cup - 1 point
      • Shooting the bail and it knocks off a cup - 1 point
      • Stacking the cups - 1 point for each cup (not including the bottom cup)

There are penalty points, in order to keep archers from simply shooting the platform and knocking all the cups off there is a penalty of 5 points if the platform/box is hit.


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