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Vegas Appearance on Easton Podcast


NFAA President, Bruce Cull, visited Easton Technical Products in Salt Lake City last week and while he was in town he was featured in episode 19 of the Easton podcast. George Tekmitchov and Steve Anderson hosted the podcast and the conversation was geared toward the upcoming 50th Vegas Shoot.

The Vegas Shoot began in 1962 - but it was quite a task to find that out. Over the years different organizations have been involved with the Vegas Shoot so the records were a little more difficult to find. As the prestigious Vegas Shoot has in
creased in years so has the amount of archers who participate.

"Usually we would have around 1,500 archers, and then we broke the 2,000 mark two years ago," said Bruce Cull. "This year we are estimating 3,000 archers will be participating in the tournament."

But what makes the Vegas shoot so popular among archers? Stemming back to when the Vegas Shoot was held at the Tropicana Inn, it's the idea that everyone is in one place, under one roof, and everyone gets to see their friends again and meet new people. The money payout helps drive the popularity too.

This year there will be $325,000 worth of prize money to hang out to the winning archers. The Vegas Shoot is different than most tournaments in the sense of the flight system. The top eight winners from over 20 flights will win prize money. These flights are determined by a formula to ensure there will be no sandbagging the flights.

"We want people to go home and say they won at Vegas," said Bruce Cull. "This is what makes the flight division so successful, and that's where about 50% of our shooters go."

The Vegas Shoot is on January 29-31, 2016. Practice will open on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Rooms are no longer available at the South Point, but there are rooms available at the Grand View, which is across the street. To book a room at the Grand View call 866-752-9834 and the code for the rooms is: M11127.


Since this is the 50th Vegas Shoot Bruce wants to giveaway some prizes, and Easton Technical Products is celebrating 50 years of their X-7 arrow and are having a giveaway too.

NFAA - Be the first to send in the official names of the Vegas Shoot over the last 50 years.

Email: podcast@eastontp.com

Prize: A dinner for 4 at any of the restaurants at the South Point, and must be redeemed during the Vegas Shoot 2016.

Easton TP - Be first to email the correct answer to the following question: Who was the last professional to win the pro division with a Recurve bow?

Email: podcast@eastontp.com

Prize: A dozen X-7 arrows

Easton TP - Anyone who shoots with an Easton aluminum arrow at the Vegas Shoot 2016 and you will need to enter your name into a drawing at Easton's booth at the tournament.

Prize: Vegas expense (hotel room) paid for the Vegas Shoot 2017.


To listen to the full hour podcast click here: https://overcast.fm/+FFlfiV2fE

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