Article III

A.        Individual Memberships:

1.         Honorary Membership, with exemption from regular fees and dues; may be granted for exceptional merit and service, upon recommendation of the NFAA Council and submitted to the Board of Directors 60 days prior to the bi-annual meeting. Such recommendations must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting except as provided for in A., 10.

2.         Life Membership with exemption from regular fees and dues may be granted to head of household, wives and children under 18 upon payment per following schedule:

2.1       Life Membership shall entitle an individual to all services provided by NFAA except tournament competition privileges and any other services that must be supplied by or through the resident state association as defined in paragraph 3 of this section.

2.2        Combined Life Membership shall entitle an individual to all services provided by NFAA.  Each state will provide a state rate for regular and senior life memberships

2.3       Life members who are 55 years of age and older will pay the same registrations fees as younger archers at National and Sectional tournaments.  Those individuals who became NFAA Life members before 2007 may continue to be exempt from paying pre-registration portion of fees at National and Sectional tournaments.

2.4       All Past Presidents of the NFAA will be made Life Members with all its privileges.

2.5       A Life Membership shall be granted to anyone who has been a member for fifty years.

2.6       Where a husband and wife are both Life Members of the NFAA, and the head of household dies, the surviving spouse shall become head of household without charge.

3.         Adult membership shall be granted to any individual 18 years of age or older upon application and payment of regular fees and dues through the affiliated state or foreign association of his choice. NFAA membership/handicap cards will only be issued from NFAA Headquarters upon receipt of proper fees/dues.

3.1       In order to compete in any sectional tournament, an archer must be a member of a state affiliate within that section, except as specified in paragraph 10 below.

4.         Cub, Youth or Young Adult Membership shall be granted to individuals under 18 years of age in the same manner as for the adult membership except a date of birth must accompany the individual’s membership.

5.         Adult Patron Membership may be granted to an individual 18 years of age, or older, as the result of his/her contribution of $500 or more to the NFAA, upon a majority approval of the NFAA Board of Directors. Said patron or patroness shall be exempt for life from NFAA dues and fees only.

6.         NFAA Bowhunter Membership, noncompetitive, shall be granted to any individual upon application and payment of applicable fees and dues directly to NFAA Headquarters. Membership benefits shall include one year’s subscription to the official NFAA publication, Big & Small Game awards programs and eligibility for all hunting award contests sponsored by the NFAA. The NFAA Bowhunter Membership shall count on the weighted ballot.

7.         Professional Membership: Archers who are NFAA members in good standing shall be eligible for membership, however, those archers under 18 shall be required to submit written permission from his/her parent or guardian. An NFAA form in triplicate shall be provided for Parent or Guardian signature.

8.         Action of a club or state association of the NFAA resulting in suspension of an individual’s membership will result in temporary revocation of all rights and privileges.

8.1       In any cause for action the member must be notified in writing of the alleged violation and afforded a period of not less than 30 days to correct the violation or present a defense.

8.2       If, during this period of time the violation has been corrected, all membership privileges will be reinstated.

8.3       If the violation has not been corrected and no defense is offered within the period specified, the suspension will become permanent.

8.4       Upon notice that a defense is being prepared the state association will schedule a hearing within 30 days from the date such notice of intent is received.

8.4       The decision rendered may be appealed to the NFAA Council.

8.6       Copies of the charges and all action and notices thereafter must be properly documented and sent to the club, the state association, the NFAA Director and the Executive Secretary of the NFAA

9.       Adjacent NFAA affiliated states shall be authorized to arrive at unilateral or reciprocal non-resident membership arrangements.  Resident as being defined as from the state through which the Member’s NFAA card is drawn.  NFAA members may join as many affiliated states, if accepted, as they wish.  However, they may only shoot in the Sectional and the State Championship of the resident state for championship awards.  The member must notify NFAA Headquarters in writing when changing residence.  NFAA members may compete for awards in only one Indoor, one Outdoor and one 3-D Sectional; and only one Indoor, one Outdoor and one 3-D State tournament per calendar year.  The member may shoot as a guest at any other time.  Members may be privileged to change their state of residence two times during a calendar year.   

10.       An individual residing in a foreign country not presently affiliated with the NFAA may apply for NFAA membership through an affiliated NFAA state or foreign country association of his choice without prejudice, and shall be granted the same rights and privileges as all other members of that association.  Appropriate NFAA and state association dues shall apply, except that a 10% surcharge may be applied for foreign mailing of publications and correspondence.


B.         Association Membership:

1.         Association Membership shall be granted to one association of any state, foreign country or countries that supports the principals of, and abides by the rules, regulations, procedures and policies adopted by the National Field Archery Association upon payment of proper fees and dues established by the NFAA. That association shall be the governing association for NFAA activities within its respective area and may promote individual programs to create more archers and members.

2.         Conditions of Association Membership: In order to be granted membership in the NFAA, the state or foreign country must:

2.1       Have a Constitution and By-laws consistent with NFAA rules, regulations, procedures and policies, approved by the NFAA Council; and must file a digital, searchable document with the NFAA office which may be reviewed by the NFAA Board of Directors at the annual meeting.

2.2       Must require all of its elected and appointed officers be members of good standing in the NFAA.

2.3       Pay Association fees and dues set by the NFAA within the deadline limits for such payment, as listed under Constitution Article XII.

2.4       Require membership in the NFAA as essential for competition, excluding the Guest Participant Divisions at Sectional and State level tournaments including NFAA mandated NFAA state championships in NFAA rounds as listed under By-Laws Article VI.

2.5       Must offer one Indoor State Championship and one Outdoor State Field Championship tournament per year using official NFAA rules, rounds and targets.  These tournaments must require NFAA membership in the competitor division.  In the event a state does not have a field range available to host an outdoor field championship, an alternate official NFAA outdoor round may be used.

2.6       Recognize NFAA approved membership cards, and do not issue any association membership card(s) that can be used as substitutes for the NFAA membership card.

2.7       NFAA membership requirements may be waived at State level only in:

2.7.1     Special events conducted for the sole purpose of membership promotion.

2.7.2     Special events conducted in conjunction with Bowhunter Jamborees and Bowhunter Education programs.

2.7.3     The issuance of non-competitive state association memberships.

2.7.4     In Guest Participant Divisions not shooting for awards.

2.8       The special events as listed in paragraphs 2.7.1 and 2.7.2 above shall be limited to state sponsored events and shall not exceed five per year.

2.9       Make an effort to send a representative to an bi-annual meeting empowered to act for the state association on any and all issues before the NFAA Board of Directors while in session or in mail session.

2.10      Enforce all rules, regulations and policies of the NFAA or be subject to possible charter revocation.

2.11      Refer all instances of questionable interpretation to their NFAA Director. The Director thereupon makes a ruling and then forwards his/her interpretation to the Rules Interpretation Committee.

3.         Compliance Affidavit:

On or before November 30th of each year, each authorized state association shall submit a compliance affidavit. The affidavit form shall be approved by the NFAA Council and provided by NFAA Headquarters. The affidavit, accompanied by a listing of the state association officers for the following year, the current state constitution and by-laws, only if amended in the past twelve months, and the required affiliation fee, shall be forwarded to the Sectional Councilman for review. By affixing his/her signature and forwarding the file to NFAA Headquarters, the Councilman provides authority for the NFAA Executive Secretary to issue continuance of association membership for the next calendar year.

4.         Approval/Denial of Association Membership: A state or foreign association shall be granted membership in the NFAA upon submission of affiliation papers and compliance affidavit at which time the NFAA Council, after review of the documents, shall by physical meeting or mail ballot, approve or deny said association.

5.         Reasons for denial of Association Membership:

5.1       Failure to pay membership fees and dues within the deadline established by the NFAA.

5.2       Failure to abide by, or enforce, the rules, regulations and policies of the NFAA.

5.3       Failure to promptly remit fees and reports to NFAA.

5.4       Failure to submit the required compliance affidavit.

6.         Expulsion or Suspension of Association Membership:

6.1       Expulsion or suspension of association membership may occur as a result of any of the failures as listed in subsection 5 of this section.

6.2       If expulsion or suspension is required, the following steps will be taken:

6.2.1     Upon presentation of evidence of cause for action, the NFAA Council will present specific charges against the state association to the association and the Sectional Councilman.

6.2.2     The association will have 30 days to prepare a defense or to correct the deficiency.

6.2.3     At the end of the 30-day period, the NFAA Council will re-examine the case. If the evidence was not valid or the deficiency is being corrected, the matter will be dropped. If the evidence was valid and no steps to correct the deficiency have been initiated, the charge along with the evidence and the defense (if submitted by the state association) will be immediately presented to the Board of Directors along with a motion for expulsion or suspension. The motion must be presented to the Board of Directors within 90 days of the time the evidence was first presented to any member of the NFAA Council.

7.         Reinstatement of Association Membership:

Action to reinstate membership lost through expulsion or suspension shall be sustained upon approval by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.

C.         Corporate Membership:

1.         Shall be granted to all manufacturers of archery or related equipment for a yearly sum of $1,000.00.

2.         Shall be granted to all wholesalers of archery or related equipment for a yearly sum of $200.00.

3.         Shall be granted to all distributors or retailers of archery or related equipment for a yearly sum of $50.00.


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