A.        Club/Shop Charter Procedures:

1.         NFAA charter and continued affiliation authorizes automatic sanction of state association tournaments for all official NFAA rounds conducted by the club, provided such rounds are held on an approved NFAA indoor or outdoor facility and provided they conform to Articles I, II, III, IV and VI of these By-laws.  Sanction shall mean that said round is conducted by the NFAA or through its recognized state affiliate; when said round is held on a NFAA approved facility using official NFAA targets; and when said round conforms to Articles I, II, III, IV and VI of these By-laws.

2.         An archery club having a minimum of five (5) Head of Household members, one of which must be an adult, meeting requirements in NFAA Constitution Article III, Section A, Paragraph 2 or 3, may be chartered with the NFAA upon approval of the state association and the NFAA Director who has jurisdiction.  A club/shop charter may be granted by the NFAA only after prior approval of the state association and NFAA Director.  No club/shop, meeting NFAA minimum requirements, shall be denied membership to the NFAA unless special circumstances occur.  A petition to deny membership must be filed by the state and approved by the Council.

3.         Application for charter will be made in triplicate, and along with the proper fees, shall be forwarded to the state association secretary.  After approval by the state association all three copies will be forwarded to the NFAA Director for review.  Upon granting his approval the NFAA Director will affix his signature, forward one copy to NFAA Headquarters, return the second copy to the state association secretary, and retain the third copy for his records.  Upon receipt of properly executed application and charter fee at NFAA Headquarters the Executive Secretary is authorized to issue the charter.  Effective date of the charter will be shown as the date of approval by the NFAA Director.

4.         A newly chartered club will pay a $35.00 fee to charter with the NFAA and have a Constitution and By-laws that is in compliance with the State requirements.  A newly chartered Shop will pay a $35.00 fee to charter with the NFAA.  After establishing charter, continued affiliation will be maintained through the state association and the NFAA Director.

5.         Sixty days prior to expiration of club/shop charter, the NFAA shall provide the club/shop with a charter renewal form in triplicate and a list of these clubs/shops will be sent to the state secretary and NFAA Director.  Upon successful renewal of NFAA Charter, the state secretary will forward one copy of NFAA Headquarters of the completed form with a $35.00 renewal fee, one copy to the NFAA Director and retain the third copy.  Upon receipt of the approved renewal form and renewal fee at NFAA Headquarters, their charter will be extended for an additional year.  If a Club/Shop changes their Constitution and By-laws within the year they will send a copy along with the charter renewal to the State Secretary and the NFAA Director.  Failure to renew their charter by the last day of the month in which the club/shop charter expires, shall result in the club/shop being dropped from the active rolls of NFAA.

6.         If a State Association is unable to process the charter application within thirty days of receipt, NFAA headquarters is authorized to accept the application and issue the charter.  The State Association will be contacted for approval, and if the application is denied by the State Association, NFAA will immediately revoke the charter and notify the endorsed insurance carrier of the situation.

7.         When possible, place in a prominent place in all state NFAA sanctioned clubs, a NFAA bulletin board, upon which the clubs NFAA shoots, a membership application should be placed.  The NFAA logo or NFAA flag should accompany this bulletin board.

B.         Course Approval Procedure:

1.         The NFAA recognizes as official only tournaments held on NFAA approved courses and makes no awards for competition on any other course.  For all new Outdoor Field and 3D course certifications, or when the course layout for a previously-certified Outdoor Field or 3D course has been modified, the NFAA Director, or his designated representative must inspect courses.  Any who is designated to represent the Director must be a member in good standing of the NFAA. The NFAA Director or his designated representative are not required to re-inspect Outdoor Field and 3D courses for previously-certified ranges provided no course layouts have been modified. 

2.         To obtain course certification, the NFAA chartered club/shop must complete the appropriate Range Inspection Form and pay the range certification fee. Upon completion, the NFAA Director shall sign the Range Inspection Form to grant approval.

3.         The NFAA Director or his/her delegate shall be reimbursed at the current NFAA rate by a club/shop or association for travel incurred to inspect a new Outdoor Field or 3D course or a previously certified one with a modified layout.

4.         If course certification is completed within a month period from the effective date of new charter, no fee will be required for the initial approval.

5.         The Range Inspection Form is valid for two years. A new Range Inspection Form must be completed by the club/shop and signed by the NFAA Director to re-certify all ranges. The range certification fee applies for all renewals.

6.         The Club secretary, Association secretaries or Shop Owner/Manager shall be notified by NFAA Headquarters four (4) months prior to expiration of their course approval.  If successful inspection and approval has not been completed prior to the date of expiration, the NFAA Executive Secretary shall notify the Club Secretary, Shop Owner/Manager, the State Association Secretary and the NFAA Director that the range is no longer an approved range.

7.         Course approval may be withdrawn at any time when, in the opinion of the NFAA Director, a condition falls below the standards for the rating awarded.

8.       Revocation or expiration of course approval shall mean that no NFAA sanctioned events may be conducted on the course.

9.       Requirements and course rating system for certified ranges shall be established and approved by the NFAA Council.

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