Article X-XI

Archery magazine shall be the official publication of the federation of states and the NFAA.

A.        Composition:

The Editorial Board shall consist of the following:

1.         NFAA President, who shall serve as chairman of the board and who shall serve without voting privileges except in the case of a tie.

2.         The NFAA Vice-President.

3.         The NFAA Executive Secretary.

4.         The official publication editor.

5.         One member of the NFAA Board of Directors.

6.         The Immediate Past President.

7.         One member of the NFAA at large who does not hold an elective office in the NFAA.

B.      Terms:

The term of office shall be for a period of two years for the NFAA Board of Directors and the NFAA Member at Large, to coincide with the fiscal year.  The Immediate Past President will serve one year to coincide with his/her term on the NFAA Council.

C.         Tenure on Board:

There shall be no limit of tenure on the Editorial Board.

D.        Duties:

1.         To manage the editorial budget so that it will not be exceeded by more than 10 per cent except with the Board of Directors approval.

2.         To negotiate with an editor and/or publisher to produce the publication and with the webmaster to maintain the NFAA website.

3.         Determine the general content of material in the magazine, and establish and maintain a section for comments or letters to the editor or Executive Secretary via postal mail or e-mail.

4.         Shall be the final authority on policy, duties and responsibilities of the Executive Secretary and editor, or publishing firm, in regards to the operation of the magazine and the website.

5.         The Editorial Board shall meet at least once a year.

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